Minecraft 3D printer

LaserUnicorn built a 3D printer in Minecraft, and produced this video documentary. The map files are also available. This is pretty clever!

12x12x11 15 color 3D printer I made (youtube.com) (Thanks m4tth3w!)


  1. And another recent news item was that Minecraft.print() lets you use a 3D printer to print Minecraft objects…

    1. Probability wise, the universe we live in is already a simulation built in Minecraft.

      Also, that narrators accent is delightful.

  2. Is the accent real or fake? Either way it is fabulous! I want him to re-record the Audible library.

    1. The accent sounds like a regular, albeit heavy, Swedish accent, so that is a good bet. The pronunciation of /v/ as [w] is a dead givaway.

  3. So, within a virtual world, someone has designed a machine that creates real objects from virtual designs. Only, this is a virtual machine that creates virtual objects created from … virtual virtual designs?

    (head explodes)

  4. I’ve been playing Minecraft for a long while and this kind of thing still astounds me. The creativity of people is nuts. Cheats probably used to make it though, I’ve been looking at using cheats (http://minecraftcheatshacks.com/) for bigger builds like this because mining everything out can just take far too long sometimes!

  5. Is someone working on a Java emulator in Minecraft, so that we can play Minecraft in Minecraft?

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