Books-rupturing-the-walls installation

Warey Myers designed this installation for the new offices of Portland's VIA Advertising Agency, which are in the Baxter Building, home to the Portland Public Library from 1888-1960: "Books breaking through the (faux) wall downstairs, referencing the "basement stacks" every library has. In this case it's as if those stacks had been sealed up during some remodel, and are anthropomorphically breaking through, referencing the old library, history, roots, poltergeists..."

^^^ Wary Meyers The Basement Stacks ^^^


  1. The Baxter Building? Two thoughts:

    1) I can more readily picture Ben coming through the wall.
    2) Keep Johnny away from the books!

    1. Portland Maine is not the real and first Portland. That would be the Isle of Portland in Merrye Olde Englande. Or GB, or UK, or.. whatever it is. That’s the Portland that gave Portland Cement its name.

    1. I worked in my university’s library shelving books. Many hours were spent on the job “shelving books” that involved looking through interesting old books I came across in the stacks.

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