Scientists build robot octopus, one tentacle at a time


8 Responses to “Scientists build robot octopus, one tentacle at a time”

  1. bbomb says:


  2. tristis says:

    Bionitpick: octopuses have arms, not tentacles.

  3. Now this, this, is something I can get behind.

  4. chrisspurgeon says:

    I for one welcome our robo-cephalopod overlords.

  5. Blaze Curry says:

    I am a little frightened by this. Doesn’t anyone else fear robotic sex toys gone amok?
    Or even just garden variety be-tentacled military bots like in that one bit from the matrix animation or whatever?

  6. bcsizemo says:

    Is it just me or is that floating ball covered in velcro?  Seems like cheating if all you need to do is wave your tentacle around until you hit it.

  7. zuludaddy says:

    I are confused by last sentence: “…kill the whole octopus all at once.”  As opposed to….?

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