The Slow BRAAAAINNS Movement

Scott Weikert's response to the image by Adam Fields featured in my earlier post about "5 Slow Food Gadgets" (alternate link). Both gentlemen contributed to a thread about the aforementioned article on Google+.


  1. Today’s zombies don’t know how good they have it. Back in the day, zombies used to eat every part of the living. Now it’s just brains, brains, brains. 

  2. The question isn’t whether the humans are slow – it’s whether your movie or game has fast zombies in it, or just the usual slow ones.  (And, of course, whether it’s safe to use that flame-thrower or machine gun inside, or whether you should stick to baseball bats and swords.)

    Asif Ali Khan, movie-style zombies are quite different from potentially real zombies, who are basically drugged slaves – read the Wikipedia article for discussion. 

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