The Slow BRAAAAINNS Movement


7 Responses to “The Slow BRAAAAINNS Movement”

  1. ZombieCalifornian666 says:

    grrrrr I only rrrrrrrrr eat rrrrrrrrrrr local rrrrrrrrr hipster brains

  2. Grebmar says:

    Today’s zombies don’t know how good they have it. Back in the day, zombies used to eat every part of the living. Now it’s just brains, brains, brains. 

  3. myopiczeal says:


  4. billstewart says:

    The question isn’t whether the humans are slow – it’s whether your movie or game has fast zombies in it, or just the usual slow ones.  (And, of course, whether it’s safe to use that flame-thrower or machine gun inside, or whether you should stick to baseball bats and swords.)

    Asif Ali Khan, movie-style zombies are quite different from potentially real zombies, who are basically drugged slaves – read the Wikipedia article for discussion. 

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