Earth's Trojan asteroid


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  1. Tom Jeffery says:

    Trojans with Earth and what? Trojans are third bodies in gravitationally neutral points between 2 other bodies. Earth-Moon trojans? Earth-sun?

  2. Ben Abramovitz says:

    It is like the earth has a twin that died in in the womb I always suspected we had a twin 

  3. Benoit Galarneau says:

    Lars Von Trier coming movie Melancholia uses a similar heavenly body to justify the end of the world. In this case, it has been hiding on the other side of the moon and thus, was never spotted before. Could that happen?  

  4. dculberson says:

    Maybe we can mine it for resources!

  5. Walter Guyll says:

    It won’t be there forever. We’ll eventually mine it or move it to some place more useful, perhaps for a counterweight to a space elevator.

  6. show me says:

    Is this at a Lagrange point? If so, which one?

  7. This would mean that the Earth is now a dwarf planet because it “has not cleared the neighborhood around its orbit”.

  8. awjt says:

    At least it’s a Trojan, and we’re protected.

  9. mypalmike says:

    How can you look at Earth’s trojan twin and not realize there’s a God?

  10. jimkirk says:

    Use as base for more permanent STEREO satellites?

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