Haters Gonna Hate: microscopic edition


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  1. Cowicide says:

    Look at that swagger!

  2. bingobangoboy says:

    I don’t know if it’s the funniest ever, but I’d put it in the top 5.

  3. Bucket says:

    Looks more R. Crumbesque to me.

    Keep on truckin, little protein.

  4. Keith Moore says:

    From the Ministry of Silly Protein Walks.

  5. Aceofblue says:

    Is it weird that I recognize the source video from a college biology course? It was a pretty great PBS special, I think.

    • Thiazi says:

      Yeah, it’s from the Inner Life of the Cell:


      It’s a few minutes long, and a visualization of molecular biology made by some folks at Harvard. It’s also nerdy awesomeness.

      • knoxblox says:

        *sigh*…Yes, nerdily awesome.

        It’s good that CG is utilized in this manner these days, but I sure wish the animation revolution had occurred before I was in school. I’m one of those people who had to SEE how it worked, and not just take some beeping filmstrip at its word.

  6. What is this?  I don’t even…

  7. querent says:

    “Well you can tell by the way I use my walk….”

  8. neurolux says:

    What is that? Actin?

    • FrancesTheMute says:

      That is the motor protein Kinesin “walking” along a microtubule carrying a storage vesicle(sack).  Microtubules are a part of the cells internal skeleton like actin but they form larger, hollow fibers out of the protein tubulin and they serve different roles.

    • AngerMonkey says:

      That is probably dynein/dynactin walking along a microtubule. Or kinesin? I worked on tubulin (Drosphila beta3 in the hizzouse!) but I never could remember my motor proteins. Need to know about EMEF motif where they stick their little feets, though, and I’m your gal.

  9. 9_9 says:

    They see me rollin’
    They hatin’
    They trying to catch me walkin’ dirty (which I AAAAAAM)

  10. you know when a nerdy magazine uses the urban phrase “haters gonna hate”, it’s time to retire the phrase…

    • spejic says:

      I was using “haters gonna hate” before it was cool. Now I use “boop beep boop – droids”. You’ve probably never heard of it. I’ve only just put the sticker on my fixie.

  11. ackpht says:

    And for those of us whose first language is English? 

  12. Kimmo says:

    I knew microtubules were kind of like spokes in a spherical wheel, but I didn’t know they were tiny walkways for these groovy little jiggers!

    Awesome. Biology: fucking guaranteed to blow your mind.

  13. futnuh says:

    The visualization was commissioned by Harvard. It was done by the folks at XVIVO, http://www.xvivo.net/.

  14. willam says:

    I buy that this is all accepted or well worked out science, but many many times in that video it seems like the voice over guy is just making shit up. 

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