Person Pinball, A Stop-Motion Pinball Game Using Pedestrians

[Video Link] Via Laughing Squid


    1. Ha, that word came to mind for me too. Actually both. It is cool, but there’s a lot about that video that screams hipster. Which may not be all that terrible.

  1. Is there word for people who use the “hipster” as a way to convey that they are superior?

    1. Probably so, but I wouldn’t bother to do that under the guise of an Internet pseudonym.

      The word that comes to mind for IRL situations is “insecure,” but that probably doesn’t apply to all who use it to convey that they are superior (because in truth, they feel inferior).

        1. I dunno.  I thought Mark might have been chiding those of us who make fun of hipsters, but if so there must be a confusing typo somewhere.

  2. But aren’t they hipsters? I mean I wouldn’t know ’cause I stopped being cool long before it was cool to not be cool, but still.

    1. Looks to me like the signifiers are there–young mostly white people with the time and inclination to do clever things like this video in an urban setting, where they probably wouldn’t be living otherwise, and which they’ll probably leave once they start using their privilege cards in other ways and get normal-for-class-privileged-white-folks careers and start nuclear families.

  3. Is pinball still popular among young people?  I thought it had been pretty much stamped out by video games.  I wonder how many of the people involved with this video have ever played an actual electromechanical pinball.

  4. mark, this is called pixielation. Stop motion is when its made with objects, like PES does. 
    And dont hate me, but this is indeed pretty hipster’d. 

    Pixielation is just hard to make entertaining, it seems. Zaramellas el guante is kinda good, but you’ve got to go back as far as norman mclaren.

  5. I defy someone to define hipster. 
    It’s a word used by someone, usually in a negative fashion, to attempt to describe a person who they most likely cannot (and at times would prefer not to) understand. In this case it includes attire, attitude, interests, etc. I can assure you that whether or not you intend it, it is derogatory and no one appreciates it. 
    Ah, yes. The video. Bushwick, Brooklyn! YAH!
    ps- yay Mark.

    1. I defy someone to define hipster. . . . I can assure you that whether or not you intend it, it is derogatory and no one appreciates it.

      Hipster (n). Someone who never admits to being a hipster (among other characteristics and proclivities).

  6. well isn’t that quite a catch 22…or perhaps it’s flawed logic…or an attempt at humour.
    Does this mean everyone is a hipster?
    You cannot define something and while doing so use the word being defined.
    You should know I think your last name suits you well.

  7. FOR SHAME!!! You people don’t even know the people in this video and there is now way you can honestly make assumptions based on this video where no one talks or reveals anything about their personal lives. Not that it’s any of your business. But since you are all so insistent on judging and name-calling, I’ll tell you I know a couple of these people personally. They are kind and honest. Barely making ends meet in a tough economy where you are lucky to have a job. In their early thirties and and unable to afford to think about starting families. These people do creative things because it is how they keep sane and are participating in animation block party to have fun and socialize with other people in similar situations. 

    The word “hipster” implies so much that is just ignorant and judgmental. Get over it. 

    1. Yes, it does seem like an overreaction. Understandable, though.

      I know that like most white people, white hipsters don’t like to think of themselves as members of a demographic group. However, the term “hipster” is indeed a handy reference for members of this group, since they share many characteristics, and they tend to have similar effects on the environs in which they live, and on the people who live there, and will be there after the hipsters get over this stage in their lives and move on, and out, almost always somewhere else. The people who live where the hipsters move in, though, sometimes have to leave too, as the hipsters contribute to white, middle-class gentrification an a consequent rise in living costs, especially rent. 

      People who more or less match the hipster demographic often fail to understand such things about themselves, primarily because despite their glaring similarities to each other, they like to think of themselves as individuals instead.

      Here for instance, is an article that, while not specifically mentioning “hipsters,” nevertheless describes and analyzes this demographic in ways in which your friends might recognize themselves–or their future selves:

      Saying all of that isn’t so much judging hipsters as it is wishing they’d become more self-aware.

  8. Hipster-this, hipster that…..this makes me want to claw my eyes out.  Who cares!   This might have been constructive discussion back in 2005, but really..this is 2011.  This is like complaining that there are too many Police Academy sequels or that George W. Bush was a bad President.  We know already, it has already been discussed ad nauseam on every message board, in every shape and possible form.  Move on!

  9. Yeah, you people are all very annoying. I lived near there 7 years
    back, and my “hipster” friends included my buddy mark, who was in
    mainstream news for performing fusion(?) experiments in his
    loft….other friends included guys making thousands of dollars a month
    making music, and others broke and doing odd jobs for little pay. Or my
    “hipster” ex, who welded massive steel objects for the city, or my
    actor friend who made well in the real estate business.

    Because people like to wear similar clothes, and like to appeal to
    certain styles of the opposite sex, does not mean they belong to a

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