Severed child's hand iPhone accessory

What the Fuck

Dokkiri Hand Case for iPhone 4 [Strapya World via Dangerous Minds]


  1. Unfortunately…
    *Some hand may vary in size and shape since each hand is made individually.
    *There is no hole for the camera. Please remove the case when taking pictures.
    Deal-breaker for me :(

  2. What? No camera-hole?  It clearly shows one in the picture.  I’m confused.

    Welcome to the phonecanny valley, folks…

  3. Now, if the severed hand had still been clutching the phone, you could have made up a very credible backstory.

    1. Credible backstory: “This is what happens when you cut me off on my motorcycle as you exit the Piggly Wiggly while calling your bff to tell her that you just bought the 5-gallon tub of Chunky Monkey and are on your way home to eat it while watching the Oxygen channel before you cry yourself to sleep AGAIN.”

  4. My main complaint upon purchasing my iphone was that it didn’t come with a severed hand on the back.  Solved!

  5. At the price of $64.20 USD, you’d need to be wealthy — or REALLY into infant hands — to buy this one!

  6. Perhaps this is the potential beginnings of a new meme. Attach an impractical object to an iPhone and call it a case. Affix it to a salmon and you have the Salmon iPhone! Glue it to a sponge and you have the iPhone safety cushion! And so on and so forth.

    1. You might be on to something there. Is there a vibrate function on an iPhone? Glue a rubber Penis to an iPhone…

      1. Yes, I’ve heard that there is a vibrate app that, well does exactly that for as long as you want. Now here is the hand attachment just so you can stop being subtle about it.

  7. Perhaps it’s a commentary on child labor in the third world? You could tell people that a child lost his hand in the iPhone case making machine.

    1. The most delightful part of the abnormal mini-hand is the comment by someone who had to whip out a soldering iron to repair the thing when it arrived, and called that “understandable” :P

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