Neil deGrasse Tyson to host new series of Cosmos

Astrophysicist and TV presenter Neil deGrasse Tyson is to host a new series of Cosmos, originally presented by Carl Sagan. The above photo, posted to Reddit by Bobojoe, is said to be of a young Tyson, before he was a famous. Don't be distracted by the sideburns, awesome as they may be; check out that fabulous t-shirt. [via Reddit]


  1. I always liked this guy and really like him after watching the video of him discussing animal intelligence and the implied consequence it has for flesh eating.

  2. Check out the Neil deGrasse Gun Show!

    “Excuse me sir, but which way is Pluto”**Strikes a pose** “Right there”I saw him on Bill Maher last weekend, he really held his own talking about politics and economics, he got “Cornell West” passionate talking about the James Webb telescope, though he started looking really uncomfortable when the conversation turned to sex and drugs.

  3. I am not distracted by the sideburns OR the t-shirt. It”s hard to get past those biceps…

    1. Typical, a great intellect and mad science communication skills and all people can see is his smokin’ bod and svelte fashion sense. Just kidding. If I were gay and a few years younger and had a large Kerr loop singularity…

  4. I worked at AMNH for five years.  I think every upper-body article of clothing Neil had in those days had some combination of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, and comets.  Check out his necktie collection sometime.

    1. Actually, it’s a small few who can talk as eloquently as Sagan and Tyson. Most physicist and astronomers I have heard come across in very different ways. Some are atonal, some are mildly autistic, some have entirely forgot what it’s like to look up and wonder.

  5. Shortly after I met my girlfriend, she very excitedly E-Mailed me a photo of herself with Tyson, whom she’d met at a lecture.

    That was an early indicator that she was a keeper.

  6. High hopes for this.  Dr Tyson could pull it off.  He was a friend of Carl Sagan as well as a student. 

    However, Seth (family guy) McFarlane is involved?
    On Fox?

    Seriously, I hope it goes well, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Actually McFarlane is a giant space nerd. He’s referenced to Cosmos at least once on Family Guy (look up Cosmos for rednecks). 

      As I’ve heard, Tyson introduced McFarlane to Sagan’s widdow Ann Druyan and they hit it off. And it was Druyan who brought up the idea of a Cosmos remake and McFarlane loved it so much he pulled the strings to make it happen.

      *edited to fix typo

    2. I feel the same. Tyson is as good a choice as any… but Cosmos made a lot of ballsy statements (by anti-evo-american standards) back in the day and that was BEFORE we were in the throes of an anti-intellectual orgy. 

      Plus, FOX? Really? 
      I fear for this show, I really do. I fear it worse than a Goonies remake.

      PS – Yes, I know that FOX and FOXNews are 2 different things. Though the fact that the former hosts the latter (as well as several other wing-nut) shows does little to assuage my skepticism.

  7. Look at that physique! And you thought his friends called him “Mister Universe” because of his field of study.

  8. one of Tyson’s books (i think it was “Just Visiting This Planet”) was basically the volume that introduced me to astronomy.  This is amazingly exciting news for me.

    Though his twitter comes across as a bit bitter sometimes, I still have massive respect for the man and the work he’s done to help open up science in general to readers old and young. 

    and check out those sideburns!  I hope this is actually a photo of him.  confirmed?

  9. I think this would be great, as long as Fox’s management don’t insist the world and the Universe started 5,000 or so years ago.

  10. I don’t even know who the other ‘Neil Tyson’ might be, that NDT had to add ‘Degrasse’ to his name to be able to distinguish himself from the other one…

  11. Loved his description of the reception he got from grade-schoolers who blamed him, personally, for demoting Pluto from planet-hood. Wonderful news that he will be hosting a reprise of “Cosmos” – hope it will be in addition to, not instead of, NOVA Science Now.

    1. My wife (a teacher) still refers to him as “that guy who killed Pluto.” I still think she secretly thinks he’s a pretty cool guy, though.

  12. Pro: Neil is awesome guy perfect for explaining things on the TV channels.
    Con: the TV channel will be Fox and I won’t watch it as I don’t support corporations that spy on dead children.

    Feelin’ like a 90s Southern Baptist hankerin’ for a ride on Space Mountain :(

    1. I didn’t check the link… but by definition once you achieve terminal velocity you are no longer accelerating, so yeah it will feel different. Ironically once you stop accelerating it will start to feel like you are, just in the opposite direction…

  13. This is wonderful news.

    The original Cosmos was a cultural landmark of the time. Sagan was mocked for his earnestness, but the show still had an enormous effect.

    I think we really, really need a show like it now.

    “Family Guy” occasionally has some rather trippy science fantasy plots. Last season Stewie and Brian accidentally time-travelled to before the Big Bang, which they caused by detonating the power source of their time machine. Then they had to protect Leonardo from a another time-traveling evil toddler. A chase scene in the skies of Venice featuring DaVincish flying machines followed.

  14. a nice, educated, smart man, and he’s right;  as a species and a race, we should explore, forget all about the Somalians without birth control, we can’t be dragged down by losers

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