Firsthand from Fukushima: Xeni on The Madeleine Brand Show (radio)


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  1. Flickr player “steals” my cursor every three seconds under Chrome – even if the slide show is paused – even if BB isn’t the active tab. Anyone else notice this?

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      weird, i’m on chrome too and don’t see this! sorry

    • jtegnell says:

      Tried downloading FF6, and still having the same problem. Argh! Whenever I want to see a Flash video, I have to go to pluins, enable, watch video, go back to plugins, disable.

      Been like this for months on FF4, 5, and now 6, both at home and on my computer at work.

  2. jtegnell says:

    Is that what it is? I’ve had this problem for eons with multiple versions of Firefox on more than one computer.

    I’ve posted on the Firefox help board, and although lots of people have clicked the also-have-this-problem tab, nobody has posted a solution.

    Disabling Shockwave Flash solves the problem, but it also means you can’t see any Flash video.

    Anyone with a solution?

  3. workin says:

    Cool(kakkoi) to hear some Xeni-goes-to-Japan perspectives! Next time come to our family Organic rice farm in Fukushima-was Organic, now not allowed to farm, though officially outside the exclusion zone by about 2km! Can’t grow anything the land goes wild and rice hoarding forces up prices. Come see the lack of recompense, govt support nor response. Lots of time for art for some none for others, can’t eat art but it can be a part of a cultural revolution.

  4. Cowicide says:

    We went inside what was at the time the 30km voluntary evacuation zone, and were 24.4km from the plant at the closest point during our travels. The “hottest” place we stopped showed surface measurements of 800K bequerels, or 20,000 CPM (counts per minute, which accounts for all types of particles decaying per minute; alpha, beta, gamma). At this hotspot, Safecast also detected elevated background levels between 9 and 10 μSv/hr.

    Err, Xeni… I think I speak for a lot of people in saying while I respect how brave you are, we are going to be really upset if you get the cancer.  Please don’t do that again.

    !!!!! O_o !!!!!

  5. Xeni Jardin says:

    Brief exposure to those levels is like getting a dental or chest x-ray, depending on the location and duration. We considered the measured levels we were exposed to for the time we were there an acceptable a relatively low health risk. We were there for no more than an hour or so, and took a number of precautions.

    As I said in the radio interview, being in a hotspot for an hour is one thing. Living there is another.

  6. Martin Spong says:

    I think Miles O’Brien was better on DS9 when he married Keiko Ishikawa and they had a daughter Molly. I’m sure his best friend Dr. Julian Bashir will find a smart and easy way to cure any radiation caused cancers.

  7. ichy bob says:

    Xeni – Thanks for covering Fukushima, it’s not getting the media coverage it deserves. I suspect the US government would react much the same way as the Japanese government has if an accident happened here. One reason I don’t think our political and economic systems are capable of safely dealing with nuclear power.

    P.S. Yoko Ono interview! Wow! Wonderful thing.

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