10 songs from the Hokum Scorchers


Artist Amy Crehore and her luthier husband Lou Reimuller are also musicians. They have a duo called The Hokum Scorchers. Here's are 10 delightful songs they recorded in the 1990s.

We play various instruments on these recordings. This is traditional hokum music: jug band, blues and rags. We played at Bumbershoot, Seattle Folklife, Ken Kesey's events and other festivals and venues in the northwest. And, in 2009, we played at my solo art show opening in L.A.
The Hokum Scorchers


  1. I had scrolled down to this post without realizing it wasn’t part of the post above it.  So I was looking at the picture trying to figure out who was napping.

  2. I kind of assumed these would be freely downloadable since, after all, they are hokum….but apparently not ;-) Then I spotted a small “Buy” button…except it’s greyed-out; perhaps because I’m not logged-in to MySpace? (Like that’s gonna happen) Or perhaps I’m just missing the point of some avant-garde online art installation, akin to the NuPenny store featured on BB a while back — you can want it, but you can’t have it.

  3. Ech, the myspace music app seems to suck more than the last time I visited a myspace page (quite a while ago).  It opens up a new window to play the song, then refuses to play it.  :P

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