Ben Grosser's interactive robotic painting machine


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  1. DeepNorth says:

    This is very cool, but seeing the colours getting mixed between each stroke is like repeated torture.

  2. GuyInMilwaukee says:

    I may not know good art when I see it but I sure know good programming. Nice!

  3. Barry Sanders says:

    Aphex Twin needs to remix this video.

  4. Ed Ligget. Tuba. says:

    I vaguely remember seeing a movie about something like this that was made I think it the 70s.

    • FutureNerd says:

      Ed Ligget. Tuba, you might mean Harold Cohen’s AARON.  The software has evolved over the years and has controlled, e.g., a “turtle” that painted on the floor, a plotter like Ben Grosser’s, and a screen saver.

  5. Ally McGurk says:

    It needs some way of using a different brush for each colour. As it goes on the colours get more and more muddy, because it’s just dipping the same brush into each pot.

    It’s a clever idea, but as KBert says, it needs refining.

  6. rrh says:

    Well, if he’s already been refining since 2008, I can’t blame the artistic strategy of “abandoning” a work rather than “finishing” it at some time in the future.

  7. griever says:

    that reminds me of Count Zero, that half destroyed robot making assemblage art out of the debris

  8. Listener43 says:

    Sounds like the machine in Sladek’s novel, The Muller-Fokker effect.

  9. Edmund Rapin says:

    What a wonderful machine, what wonderful potential. Having machines make art isn’t a new idea that’s been around for a hundred years and there are giclee printers etc. that spray paint on any surface of any image you want. I don’t think that’s the point here. It’s a machine that paints based on feedback the big one flaw if you want to call it that is that the feedback it gets is only the sound of itself, which makes me wonder why the images are different. Very intriguing enterprise. Well done sir.

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