Cookie Monster performs Tom Waits's "God's Away on Business"


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  1. DimeSpin says:

    I never knew how badly I needed this in my life.

  2. irksome says:

    This beats unicorns any day of the week.

  3. John Neumann says:

    So Tom has been voicing Sesame Street for years! The universe is making sense to me now!

  4. Ailsa Lindop says:

    How to make my jaw drop and grin at the same time – thanks!

  5. B A says:

    I agree with John, are we absolutely sure Tom Waits hasn’t been doing Cookie Monster’s voice all along? And let’s face it, I think there is only one dance you can do to Tom Waits, nothing else fits.
    Speaking of dance, I found a nice little dance mashup here

    • dragonfrog says:

      Or has Cookie Monster been doing Tom Waits’ voice?

      One thing is certain – you never see them together…

  6. Roger Bremen says:

    Bravo!  This is absolutely brilliant.  I vote Cemetery Polka for the next mash-up.

  7. sfeeney says:

    Tom Waits once said, “Sometimes my kids will listen to something I did and say, “Were you going for a Cookie Monster-in-love thing on that, dad?” (Source: “Magnet Interview With Tom Waits” Magnet Magazine (UK), by Jonathan Valania. October, 2004)

  8. Perizade says:

    That was simply wonderful. LOVE.

  9. tangle says:

    Ditto on the Cookie Monster Dance when Tom Waits plays.

  10. Andy Lester says:

    Plenty of these around.  Here’s Rowlf doing “Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis.”

    I’d recalled that Tom Waits sued Henson at some point for Rowlf the Dog being too similar, but I can’t find documentation.

    And, just to keep the Waits going, I live about a mile south of Johnsburg, IL.

  11. e smith says:

    yeah.. I don’t think Waits has ever sued, or threatened to sue Henson, the Frito Lay and GM suits at least had some merit to them as both instances where pretty blatant rip-off. CM and Rolf(especially) have been around for quite a long time.

    I hate mash-ups and lazy cultural appropriation, but this was fun.

  12. John Delaney says:

    Its amazing how the absence of lips make lip syncing much more effective.

  13. Brainspore says:

    Cookie does appear to be wearing Tom Waits’ hat at 00:13.

  14. MrMarieBlanc says:

    When I first read the headline and then thought of the lyrics, I was like “How did they get to play this song on Sesame Street?!” ha ha

  15. solstone says:

    Thank you, Cory. This video totally made my day. As a fan of both Tom Waits and CM, well… this is just fantastic.

  16. Jesseham says:

    When I look away, I hear Tom Waits.  When I look at the screen, I hear cookie monster.

    I don’t know who to believe.

  17. catgrin says:

    Bliss! One day & TWO random musical cookie monster clips! 

    Earlier a friend posted this bit of German Rammstein wackiness on FB:

    Gotta say though, Waits just kills it. Couldn’t be better.

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