Cookie Monster performs Tom Waits's "God's Away on Business"

This YouTube mashup of Tom Waits's creepy polka "God's Away on Business" with Cookie Monster clips is just great -- Cookie Monster dances exactly the same way I do when Tom Waits is playing. Plus they have the same voice!

Tom Waits/Cookie Monster mashup - God's Away On Business (Thanks, Matt!)


      1. It would be hard for Waits to sue Henson, as both Rolf and Cookie Monster predate his ‘singing’ career.

          1. No – YODA is cookie Monster. Don’t let his reserved Jedi demeanor fool you. It and the backwards talking are all an act.

    1. Or has Cookie Monster been doing Tom Waits’ voice?

      One thing is certain – you never see them together…

  1. Tom Waits once said, “Sometimes my kids will listen to something I did and say, “Were you going for a Cookie Monster-in-love thing on that, dad?” (Source: “Magnet Interview With Tom Waits” Magnet Magazine (UK), by Jonathan Valania. October, 2004)

  2. yeah.. I don’t think Waits has ever sued, or threatened to sue Henson, the Frito Lay and GM suits at least had some merit to them as both instances where pretty blatant rip-off. CM and Rolf(especially) have been around for quite a long time.

    I hate mash-ups and lazy cultural appropriation, but this was fun.

  3. When I first read the headline and then thought of the lyrics, I was like “How did they get to play this song on Sesame Street?!” ha ha

  4. Thank you, Cory. This video totally made my day. As a fan of both Tom Waits and CM, well… this is just fantastic.

  5. Bliss! One day & TWO random musical cookie monster clips! 

    Earlier a friend posted this bit of German Rammstein wackiness on FB:

    Gotta say though, Waits just kills it. Couldn’t be better.

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