Chechnya bans fast and slow music, including Russian nat'l anthem

Some people really think techno is rotting their kid's minds. Other people think sludge metal is corrupting the youth or something. Chechnya's new BPM limitations appease two birds with one stone. Songs over 116 bpm and under 80 are verboten in the Russian republic, effectively eliminating all dubstep, gabber, nightcore, etc. It also eliminates ambient music, funeral dirges, waltzes, and, uh, the Russian National Anthem.

[the anthem] is typically played at 76 beats per minute.

"Victory Day", a popular Russian military song, also falls foul of the legislation, because it is played at 126 beats per minute,

James Kilner, Telegraph UK

It's an attempt to preserve Russian/Chechnyan culture and music against the scourge of those Russian ravers we've been hearing about, I guess. Perhaps their legacy has become too widespread? And the disadvantages that come from the widespread negative connotation of ravers outweighs the benefit of being legally allowed to listen to Sunn O)))?

"We must bring to the people and to the future of our children the cultural heritage of the Chechen people," Musa Dadaev, Chechnya's culture minister, said. "This includes the entire spectrum of moral and ethical standards of life for Chechens."

James Kilner, Telegraph UK

If this keeps up, if you listen to Moby in the near future in Chechnya, you'll go to jail. Maybe in Siberia.

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