Escaped capybara spotted at sewage treatment plant In California


21 Responses to “Escaped capybara spotted at sewage treatment plant In California”

  1. I love that capybara means “Grass Master”

  2. JIMWICh says:

    Maybe it’s time I turned the Capybaralabra into a Kickstarter project…

  3. RevelryByNight says:

    Of all the watering holes in all of California, Capybara had to stroll into one filled with poo.

  4. Glen Able says:

    Very cute.  Sadly the only times I’ve seen Capybaras mentioned before are as a sort of yardstick for how quickly a body can be completely devoured by piranha.

  5. KBert says:

    Rodent in sewage. WOW!!!

  6. Chloramphenicol says:


  7. Tribune says:

    I welcome the invasion of our new rodent overlords.

  8. Capybaras are very serene. They even stay cool when being punched in the face by a monkey:

  9. nartan says:

    Caybara’s pretty much do what they want though:

  10. Donald Petersen says:

    Looks like he’s happier than a pig in shit.

  11. jnine123 says:

    We have smaller versions of those in our city park here in S. Louisiana.  (nutria)  They do love swimming in that disgusting water.

  12. Manuel Enrique Herrera López says:

    El Chigüiro errante

  13. Flashman says:

    Are we sure that isn’t the Chupapybara?

  14. slowtiger says:

    Have a look at for a really cute drawn capybara.

  15. JoshP says:

    aren’t these things delicious as well as being cute?

  16. peromyscus says:

    The capybara in the music video is one big-ass rat.

    Can I have one?

  17. Capybara’s are fish according to the roman catholic church.  You can eat them during lent.  True story.

  18. Philip Garza says:

    If you’re a capybara, everything’s OK, all the time.

  19. Brett Hetherington says:

    Lovely in so many, many ways…

  20. Tom B says:

    Mark, come to São Paulo, we got feral capybaras! —>

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