Escaped capybara spotted at sewage treatment plant In California

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My favorite animal is the capybara, and Gary Peare knows it, so he sent me the following story about a capybara that was spotted by Nick Kamp, a wastewater operator at a sewage treatment plant in California.

"It had the body of a pig, but it had a longer nose and head to it," Kamp said.

He said the capybara appeared calm and serene.

"He'd come up and look at us and go back down," he said. "At times, it would swim with its head just out of the water, and other times, it would swim totally submerged."

It locked eyes with Kamp before submerging into the wastewater.

"You could see just bubbles that were coming up to the surface where it was swimming," he said.

Escaped capybara spotted at sewage treatment plant In California

UPDATE: This video was in the comments. It's too good not to post:


  1. Of all the watering holes in all of California, Capybara had to stroll into one filled with poo.

  2. Very cute.  Sadly the only times I’ve seen Capybaras mentioned before are as a sort of yardstick for how quickly a body can be completely devoured by piranha.

  3. Capybaras are very serene. They even stay cool when being punched in the face by a monkey:

  4. We have smaller versions of those in our city park here in S. Louisiana.  (nutria)  They do love swimming in that disgusting water.

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