Trollface restaurant

Yesterday I spotted Bisou, a new Libyan restaurant, which opened earlier this year here in Pittsburgh. At Reddit, Val_Holla reports that the proprietor claims no knowledge of his logo's origin, which may in turn indicate that he is a master troll. Here is the menu.


  1. Wasn’t sure if troll, until I saw the rainbow-hued wall mural.

    There’s no way he doesn’t know.

    1. So here was the owner’s story (I’m the OP on reddit, btw).  He says he looked up images that have to do with bajes, which is what they serve there, and that face came up a lot.

      I Google image searched “bajes,” and at the time it was true: the top hits were Spanish-language troll memes using the word “bajes” (meaning “go down”).

      So it seemed plausible that the dude really didn’t know it was trollface. He was certainly confused by the number of people stopping to ask that question.

  2. i drove by this place yesterday, i couldn’t believe the trollface was on the storefront.

    for those interested, it’s on murray avenue in squirrel hill.

    1. I’ll be there in a few weeks; going to get my picture taken with the Mr. Rogers statue.

      And yes, I AM being serious. 

    1. You can actually find the original artist at deviantart. Trollface isn’t public domain, but the only stink he’s ever put up about somebody else using it involved a website that was taking credit, IIRC.

  3. I live in Pittsburgh. My girlfriend and I had been on a date in the area, walking down the street enjoying our day. I had seen the logo before, but this time the place was actually open. So I walked in to ask about the logo and why they chose it. In my opinion, we all know the rules. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that..

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