MAGA mob flips out after 74-year-old Judge Engoron shows off his muscles

Donald Trump might be able to manipulate his mad MAGA mob and strong-arm everyone else in his path, but he hasn't been able to get the best of Judge Arthur Engoron. In fact, Engoron — who is running the civil fraud trial, in which he has, for starters, gagged the former president and fined him $10,000 for breaking said gag order — is in complete control.

Which is why MAGA disciples have resorted to what they do best: trolling. Or in this case, ridiculously attempting to smear the 74-year-old judge with photos of him at the gym looking, well, pretty darn ripped. The judge has been working out over the last couple of years, and in 2021 showed off his amazing progress to his high school buddies in an alumni newsletter. And for some reason, Trumpers thought this was a good gotcha moment.

Of course they had to twist the truth 180 degrees, as they are wont to do, with one MAGA gentleman posting on X: "The judge presiding over Trump's NYC trial appears to have a peculiar hobby of posting half-naked photos of himself on a high school alumni newsletter he controls … The 74-year-old judge Arthur Engoron appeared to even post a 'Bonus-Torso-Photo' in what looks like the bathroom of a gym. … This man is not well." If only Trump were so unwell, in body and spirit!

But Engoron clearly has the upper hand — and upper torso! — and, like the time Republicans tried to smear former President Obama by calling his health plan "Obamacare," only to have Obama officially name it that himself, all the judge has to do is proudly own it. (See MAGA post with photos here at Queerty.)