Caturday: my new kitteh


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  1. BeaverBeaver says:

    Nibbler over Nibble? It’s a natural evolution. Pet’s names are just suggestion really anyway.

  2. zombiebob says:

    very cute, I feel a happy sadness looking the pic, because of the high levels of adorability, and cause it aint my kitty. Very regal looking as well.

  3. hungryjoe says:

    Very lifelike.

  4. Guest says:

    It really is a good idea for people to be aware of the dangers associated with a storm like Irene. Preparedness, such as batteries for flashlights, ice, and … Oh Look Kitten!

  5. Guest says:


  6. irksome says:

    Looks more like a Walter to me.

  7. BarBarSeven says:

    “You may name me what you wish if it comforts you human. In a few of your Earth days my true identity will be revealed and no ball of string shall escape me wrath!”

  8. Sarah Neptune says:

    I usually don’t go for kittens, but this one’s eyes are so beautiful.

    As for “Nibble,” that’s cute! I’d end up calling it “Nibbles,” though. Can’t figure out why, at the moment.

  9. blueelm says:


  10. InsertFingerHere says:

    My shelter cat was named Pekoe, like the tea.  I changed it to Pico , as in the measurement.  He didn’t notice.  

  11. scionofgrace says:

    (Duplicate. Argh.)

  12. Pete Baldes says:

    i have a cat named nibbler, she sweetly nibbles on fingers when hungry. nibblet, nibbles, louis nibbleson, niblosous, nibbleacious, protus, proton, putal, you just start makin stuff up after a while…

  13. freshyill says:

    We rescued our cat, as a very tiny underweight kitten, from a gas station parking lot where we were filling up. He kept climbing into the undercarriage of cars. After a mechanic pulled him out for the second time, we realized he probably didn’t have long to live if we didn’t take him. We named him Axel.

  14. Rebecca DeLaTorre says:

    My family was just adopted by a stray tuxedo kitty a couple of weeks ago. We tried out several names, including Nibbler, but in the end he answered to Rocketdyne the Atomic Cat, in respect for my father’s former Cold War employer and the speed at which the kitty attacks all bare feet within range.
    Congrats on the new edition to your family.

  15. jeligula says:

    I, for one, welcome our new PO’d kitteh overlord.

  16. Guest says:

    A kitten once walked into my house and sat down, so we hung out. After a while I asked her her name and she clearly said “µ”

  17. Jon Bakos says:

    If we get unicorn chasers after something horrific, does this mean we have to have a vivisected corpse to follow up how freakin’ cute this kitten is?

  18. kajiiata says:

    “Now cat, what did I tell you about being cute?” 
    “That’s right, it’s against the law.  If you keep it up, I’ll have to give you kisses again.”
    “… Meow?”
    “That does it!”

  19. ackpht says:

    After I adopted a pair of kittens from a shelter a couple years back, their names became apparent over the course of the following weeks. Alex is named for Alex M. Poniatoff, whose company Ampex built the tape recorder that Alex hid behind for the first month or so. His sister is named Molly because- well, that’s clearly her name.

  20. FutureNerd says:

    Srsly.  Srs kitteh is being srs now.

  21. vsherbie says:

    That is a cat with thoughts and plans. He needs a big name. One that the fur-less monkeys will shout in fear one day.

  22. jtegnell says:

    I’ve had a ton of cats, and I’ve given them all different names.

    But I’ve always ended up calling them all kitty for some reason.

    • the spacebase says:

      No sweat there. My dog is named Henry, after the main character in John Berryman’s “Dream Songs;” my cat is named Mr. Bones after Henry’s, friend-ish guy in the book.

      I generally just call them Dog and Cat, respectively. 

  23. CSMcDonald says:

    Serious kitten is serious.

  24. Calimecita says:

    Congrats, Dean, she’s very cute! But too serious… She looks as if she’s contemplating big plans; hopefully those won’t involve your socks, or plants, or any important papers :-P

  25. Daen de Leon says:

    Cats are just beautiful.

  26. chrisbachmann says:

    Is it “nibble” or “nybble”? Inquiring minds want to know.

  27. Calimecita says:

    By the way, since we’re at it (though it’s already past midnight here, so technically not Caturday anymore), here’s my Quincy a few months ago, when he was little:

  28. drukqs says:

    This cat looks like it’s about to get itself into some serious mischief.

  29. lecti says:

    Handsome kitten.

  30. RJ says:

    Had to double-check my URL. I thought I was looking at Cute Overload for a second there.
    Congrats on the new kitty, Dean! Give her a nummy for me.

  31. tyger11 says:

    “You’ve done a good job keeping this place warm and me fed, human. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”
    - Dread Piratecat Nibble

  32. rattypilgrim says:

    I wish you and Nibble(s) a long, healthy, and happy life together. He already has an intelligent look beyond his weeks, even.

  33. JhmL says:

    Nibble works. Also helps that this little kitten is cute as hell.

  34. emk says:

    Ok if a kitten looks at me like that, I’d never get any work done….

  35. kmoser says:

    You should get a dog and name it “Bit” for the multi-pun: “Bit” meaning “binary digit” and the past tense of “bite”, and “Nibble and Bit” being a play on the “Kibbles ‘n’ Bits” dog food.

  36. Megan Knight says:

    You can call her Nibble now, but by next week she’ll be a Byte, a Kilobyte within the month, and so on, in a feline variation on Moore’s law. Let’s hope it’s self-limiting, or you could be in serious trouble in a few years.

    • Daen de Leon says:

      by next week she’ll be a Byte, a Kilobyte within the month, and so on, in a feline variation on Moore’s law …

      And when she gets large enough, you can Pet-a-Byte …

  37. Nibble, my kitten Pixel says hi.

  38. Stan Baker says:

    Can’t argue with shelter cats. My Bob is occasionally known, appropriately enough, as the P_ Magnet, and at other times sweet Robert my handsome beast. Once you go brown tabby, you never go back.

  39. How cute! We already have a cat, but we’ve been thinking of getting another, and she looks a lot like Nibble… or whatever you will finally decide on. Our cat’s just named “Kitty” and we call her “Ki-ki.”

  40. technogeekagain says:

    Reminder: Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, in particular the poem on the naming of cats.

    Or the lost-cat sign which included, among other identifying information, “Doesn’t answer to the name Thomas.”

  41. misskansas says:

    Please feature Nibble every Caturday. We is smitteh.

  42. Daemonworks says:


    Just thought I’d throw in my two bits.

  43. Guest says:

    My first pet, living on my own, was a little tabby I named Mousse, because there was Siamese mixed in and he had chocolate points.  He would grow up to be a very big housecat – a ‘Moose’.  

    He would only live to be two years old.  He had a tendency toward urinary tract infections, brought on by my ignorance, his anatomy, and my failure to keep his litter box cleaner.  A trip to the vet to clear up an infection usually cost everything we had in our checking account and looking back, that was damned little money. 

    His last infection cost him his life, due to no fault of his own.  I refused to be financially wiped out by his regular infections.  We didn’t know anyone at the time who would take him since we would, in good conscience, have to reveal the problem that went with him.  We couldn’t afford to have him surgically altered, his urethra shortened to ‘female’.  (Although for a male cat, that ‘s a very small distance to achieve indeed).  So we had him euthanized to end his suffering, and ours.  He died and our hearts were broken.

    However, his death and our grief were not wasted.  I swore then that no pet in our care would ever suffer Mousse’s fate.  He would be followed by several cats, three Schnauzers and one Schnoodle, over the next thirty years.  All received regular vet care and lived long and healthy lives.   The female Schnauzers had lifelong urinary problems.  We spent heroic amounts extending the lives of our beloved Schnauzers.  Fortunately, we live in a town with one of the top veteranary schools and hospitals in the U.S. (CSU).  We’ve been lucky in the pets we’ve chosen and more importantly, in the friends who chose to live with us.

    Every time I see a tabby, I think of Mousse, and our sorrow and what came after.

  44. Jon Bakos says:

    “So all this time, Sweetie Pie Jonas was really Sweetie Pie our kitty cat!”

  45. Art says:

    Wonderful post but if I may, it’s spelled “kitty”. 
    The lolspeak is entirely dated.

    • GlenBlank says:

      “It’s a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word”

      –Attributed to US President Andrew Jackson (among others)

  46. AnnaLove75 says:

    great article

  47. Tracy Adams says:

    How about “Nibs.”

  48. Art says:

    @ Glen Beck:  Then your quote should apply to proper names also.

  49. snowmentality says:

    That kitten is adorable. Look at her teeny little ears and nosie and pawsies! *squeee*

  50. Mister Juju says:

    AWW! Tabby kitten with little white toes & fuzzy white chest…can’t see the tail, but if it’s a long-furred tail, your kitteh has hit the trifecta of my cat-cuteness weaknesses.

    About cat names: My cat started out as “Liz Junior,” then just “Junior” (bcuz the vet kept thinking he was a girl) then became “Juno” (during a brief phase of vintage synth obsession) then “Juju” (Farsi for a little annoying bug-like thing) and finally “Mister Juju,” since he has become an old man.

    My point is that you can, and likely will, change her name a few times before the perfect one finally sticks.

  51. RJ says:

    Something just occurred to me. The kitten’s facial markings remind me somewhat of a song sparrow (or, to a lesser degree, a grasshopper sparrow). From there, it’s just a short mental leap to Edith Piaf, the famous French singer often referred to as “the sparrow.” From there, I conclude that a possible candidate name for this kitten could be Edith. But maybe the logical path to get to that name is a little too abstract to work. Still, just an idea. It’s not like she’ll come when you call her, anyway.

  52. urbanspaceman says:

    That’s one heck of a picture. I like how you’ve blurred the background to emphasize your little subject’s facial expression (he’s probably thinking “All right. Take the damn picture and leave me alone! I’ve got some serious napping and self-grooming to take care of!”)

    Seriously, tabbies rule!

    And he’s a bit young to be singing “Je Regrette Rien!”

  53. Guest says:

    More so in the other photographs, but Tabby cats have the shape of the letter “M” on their forehead. The following folklore “explains” where it came from:

    This is the legend of the Tabby “M”.

    All of us have heard that first Christmas described as a silent night. However, one of God’s creatures knew otherwise. The cat hunted in the cold, starry night. He didn’t look much different from the other cats; he was gray in color with stripes the color of charcoal. As he walked down the dark alleyway, he heard crying coming from a stable. He entered the door and saw a mother trying to comfort her newborn son. She spoke softly. “I don’t know what to do. I thought you were hungry, so I fed you. I thought you were wet, so I changed your diaper. I thought you were cold, so I wrapped another blanket around you.” She rocked the infant a few minutes longer and then laid him back in a manger filled with hay. The baby continued to cry. The cat knew what needed to be done. He leapt into the manger and curled up next to the child. In comforting tones, he began to purr. It was the sweetest lull-a-bye ever heard. The baby quieted and drifted off to sleep. The woman gently stroked his fur. “Thank you. I don’t know where you came from, but thank you.” God was looking down and witnessing the blessed events of His son’s birthday. Heard only by the cat, God spoke. “You have done a wonderful deed this night. Because you cared enough to help this woman, I will mark you and your offspring forever so that people will know what you have done. Her name is Mary and from this day forward you will have the letter “M” on your forehead.”

    So when you see a cat with the tabby pattern (no matter if it’s gray, brown, or some other color) look closely at its forehead and you will see the letter “M”. By this you will know that it is a descendant of the cat that comforted the newborn Christ on that first Christmas night.

  54. This great Kitten Not only cute but also intelligent. 

  55. Art says:

    Dear Antinous.  Thank you  :)

  56. george schiefer says:

    My Cat was named Paul David III but we just called him cat. Now we just call him ca for short.

  57. MDwebguy says:

    Family dog: “This human feeds me, brushes and pets me, and anticipates my every need.  Clearly he is some sort of deity.”

    Family kitty: “This human feeds me, brushes and pets me, and anticipates my every need.  Clearly I am some sort of deity.”

  58. I love her fierce stare! Rowr!

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