Hurricane Irene: Dude streaks through Weather Channel live shot (video, pic, NSFW)


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  1. Rossi says:

    I’m not sure that “depressing” is the right word for what’s going on there. Perhaps “delightful” would be more fitting.

  2. HannahJo says:

    That was more than just a moon…

  3. puppethead says:

    That’s no moon…it’s much more.

  4. EH says:

    I like how frustrated he is being surrounded by revelers while trying to talk about what a tragedy the storm is. 

  5. KarenJ says:

    Natural selection at work here…

  6. steve white says:

    if its so dangerous to be out Mr. what are you doing there?

    oh sorry the goggles will save you!

  7. wfpman says:

    “That’s when you really feel that acceleration of the wind coming around the bend.” ….uhhh yeah.

  8. xian says:

    Why is Bob Saget reporting the news?

  9. “Please stop making a mockery of my reportage!”

  10. BookGuy says:

    It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hit in the penis with a 70-mph tree branch.

  11. Kommkast says:

    Well really.. its just the waves you have to worry about, otherwise its just like any other large storm as long as its not higher than Category 2 I think. So your free to have as much fun as you want so long as you stay off the beach. :p

  12. futnuh says:

    If there was a God, and she was a prankster, she’d have sliced the weatherman’s head off with a piece of flying sheet metal. That’s all.

  13. puppethead says:

    Oh, one more.

    “My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”

  14. BradleyHart says:

    Unfortunately those guys haven’t used up their fifteen minutes yet…

  15. Buddy Chump says:

    Hilarious–we saw it live but we must have blinked during that part.
    We’ve got to excuse the “weather” channel. They’re in the throes of a “HURRIGASM” and continue to warn people “Do what we say, not what we do, and please send us your pictures of the storm!!”  Also, it looks like they’ve shut down any mention non-East coast weather.

  16. Michael W. says:

    Is the name of that Chinese restaurant back there Wong’s or Wang’s ?

  17. gedsudski says:

    Either way it works, and the one next to it is FOXY!  baahhahaha

    • Michael W. says:

      If the order was reversed and it read, “Foxy Wang’s”, my life would be complete. 

      The last bit of evidence I require that there is in fact a God and he has the mentality of drunk frat boy.

  18. dayna says:

    I saw this live and had to run outside to tell my husband. He’s fairly certain I’ve been watching the Weather Channel for two days just waiting for a penis sighting.

  19. grima says:

    Dr. Darwin will see you now.

  20. RadioSilence says:

    “setting a bad example”

    Well maybe you should get off the street!

  21. Crispinus211 says:

    This is the only rational response to the Weather Channel hype machine.  Yes, this is a serious storm, but the relish with which the WC and other outlets lean into the carnage warrants a good mooning.

  22. social_maladroit says:

    Shorter Weather Chanel: “We’d like to discourage you from streaking during our live shots by reminding you that you could get killed during this very, very dangerous storm.”

    It would have been even funnier if that guy had come back with a bar of soap and stood there, full monty, while lathering up.

  23. herrnichte says:

    right!  team_A:  crowd source that photo and lock down the identity of the owner of that wang.  team_B: using reverse perspective and (uh…) Bayesian Markov networks establish the centimeters of relative endowment (or CRE) +/- 2.7millimeters of that flasher.  google+ demands this information.  go… go… go!

  24. Rich Keller says:

    Kevin Nealon had some routine with “naked in a rainstorm” as a running theme. 

  25. webmonkees says:

    People don’t worry about the conditions unless they’ve assigned Jim.

  26. Christopher Korte says:

    If I WERE the illegitimate weatherman lovechild of Larry David and Bob Saget, I’d partner up with Mr Moonie and make a sitcom.

  27. disillusion says:

    While it is a low category storm, there are still some dangers.  One is possible flooding, and 2 being it’s not that the wind’s blowing, but WHAT it’s blowing.  Not to mention if a power line goes down while live.  I agree with the guy saying it’s stupid to be on the roads since it doesn’t take that much to sweep a vehicle away, and the possibility o a flying brick or something going through the driver’s windshield.

  28. Christopher Korte says:

    WOW, I’m sitting here in the DC metro {…waiting…} for Irene to strike and this video is bringing my entire household to their collective knee! We’ve watched it about a dozen times. An indelible image. BRAVO Brave Virginian!

  29. irksome says:

    Weatherman hyperbole is the worst thing EVER!

    Nice of the camera to pan back so we could get the full view.

  30. Threedonia says:

    Ironically… a hurricane also has only one eye.

  31. S. Ellis says:

    Oh, hometown. This is the first time you haven’t disappointed me.

  32. That was a reminder of the “It’s cold and wet; that’s why there’s shrinkage” Seinfeld episode.

  33. Threedonia says:

    As a super genius I reject the logic of that response — though I admire its simplicity.

  34. Buddy Chump says:

    Oops–misppelled it earlier–Weather Channel is having a HURRICASM…?!
    I wonder if their advertising rates are more during these events.

  35. Simon Frew says:

    A weather guy out in the hurricane criticising others for being out in the hurricane… Hmm…

  36. Antinous / Moderator says:

    In a desperate bid for ratings, The Learning Channel will now present Pee-wee Herman standing in the rain and telling The Aristocrats.

  37. pita says:

    I could swear that guy is in a studio with a green screen behind him.

  38. miasm says:

    “I’ll bite my tongue”!

  39. Anthony I says:

    They were probably in the Navy.

  40. You keep using that word, “speechless”…

  41. Nagurski says:

    Typhoon time in Taiwan was the best. Fly around on motorcycles, looking at all the cool weather action, bob around in the bay getting tossed by the waves. It’s really fun and exciting to experience them. Dangerous for sure, but most fun, exciting things are.

  42. Mark Lucas says:

    Another case of hurricane induced streaking syndrome (HISS) which clearly causes extreme happiness and severe compulsions to run streets getting naked screaming yaaaa, whoo while completely hammered :) This reporter was completely insensitive to what these brave young men and women where going through.

  43. Cowicide says:

    People representin’ vah beach! Only place in Virginia that’s really worth a shit.

  44. we_the_people324 says:

    Streaking in the rain. Now that’s something i need to try.

  45. Matthew Hahn Jr says:

    Thanks for this. Too funny.

  46. willyboy says:

    Noel Wyle? 

  47. Partly cloudy with a chance of weanie

  48. Rephlex says:

    Brilliant! Wish it happened on Fox right after Geraldo talks about how Mega-Death-Cane-Irene 2011 had killed people in front of his very eyes.

  49. lecti says:

    Is the guy in the back cracking up around the end?

  50. urbanspaceman says:

    It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hit in the penis with a 70-mph tree branch.

    Well, maybe some folks like that sort of thing!


  51. theregjoe says:

    well, weather makes people do crazy things
    weather is crazy himself

  52. Don Brock says:

    They’ll do anything for ratings nowadays.

  53. I wouldn’t have minded seeing one of those morons slip & fall flat on his face or out in the open penis, since all this is so funny to some people – meanwhile other than the idiots who thought surfing was a great idea, other people have died due to this storm, that ISN’T EVEN OVER YET…..

    I see nothing funny about it, but the weather channel has become a joke, I get more information elsewhere

  54. Franklin says:

    The Weather Channel is to hurricanes what Fox News is to Muslims.

  55. qg192 says:

    Ok, I’m from Virginia Beach and this doesn’t surprise me – we honestly have no idea how to act during disasters.

  56. John Veteran says:

    My Eyes, The Goggles Do Nothing!!!

  57. Aldin1 says:

    steve white asked: “if its so dangerous to be out Mr. what are you doing there?”

    Simple.  His boss told him too.  And if he refused, it would be “dangerous” to his continued employment with the Weather Channel. :)

  58. oliver beatty says:

    Why do T.V presenters become so pompously outraged whenever something happens that they haven’t scripted for? It’s the only time when T.V’s any use to the human spirit whatsoever. 

    • NelC says:

      Because being on TV having to extemporaneously spout off and sound as though you’re making sense is very, very stressful? And doing it in the face of rain and 75+ mph winds is even more so? Yeah, I think I’d get quite wound up, too.

      • oliver beatty says:

        That guy could extemporise for hours – he barely pauses for breath. And he also gets paid handsomely for his ability to do it. . . 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Why do T.V presenters become so pompously outraged whenever something happens that they haven’t scripted for?

      It looked to me like the WC guy was almost giggling.

  59. Vicky Kemp says:

    Wind was so strong it blew that guys pants down!  We never get storms that blow good looking guys down our streets…;-(

  60. JoshP says:

    something was bothering me about this little web STD.. it’s not the DB from the corporate headquarters or the fratboys on their outing.  I think it has something to do with the nonplussed nature people from the Gulf have toward these things, as opposed to this woowoo its snowing lets build a kegman atmosphere. 
      I mean, I’m not talking about treating every wall of wind that blows up on shore like its Katrina, but when the odd category two decides to suicide itselt by crashing its way up into the bible belt its something you are accustomed to.  What this video has, for me, is novelty, and not exactly in a bad way.  Enjoy your hurricane East Coast, like I’ve been enjoying my twenty some odd inches of snow every winter.  It gives me an excuse to practice my cursive too.

  61. Ed Hawkes says:

    @Steve White -”if its so dangerous to be out Mr. what are you doing there?” That’s what I was thinking too.

    1. We know theres a storm coming.
    2. Storms can be dangerous. They can also be glorious demonstrations of natures power. There is a natural inclination to check them out. 3. Mr Media guy goes there and gets pictures taken of himself in the middle of it, looking so serious.4. Other people come to check it out.5. This affronts the monopoly on observing the world he felt was his due.6. They aren’t serious and that makes him feel stupid, which he can’t admit, so he says it “saddens” him.

    They might have put themselves at risk going out there, but then again so did he. The justification of reporting is a red herring. The young dufusses had the same right to be there he did. 

  62. CharredBarn says:

    I was expecting a category 3, but looked more like a cat 1.

  63. Andrew Rhone says:

    well he did say No Shortage

  64. Brainspore says:

    Reporter: “Why are you out here instead of seeking shelter?”
    Citizens: “We’re drunk! What’s your excuse?”

  65. Tim Dahl says:

    Did you see that junk go flying by???

  66. Threedonia says:

    Lighten up Francis. 

    Actually I kick the crap out of Marilyn vos Savant in trivia, so yeah… I’m a genius — a super genius.

  67. Threedonia says:

    Tony is that you holding the microphone rocking the Rec Specs?

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