Underwater boxing from 1939?


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  1. Daneel says:

    Any early incarnation of the International King of Sports Underwater Shot Putt, perhaps?

  2. The venue is still there, just next to the new Wembley Stadium, but it’s now called the Wembley Arena. The swimmingpool lasted only just past the 1948 Olympics in London.

  3. robcat2075 says:

    I recall seeing a documentary some years back that had old newsreel cameramen talking about how they staged events just to get something compelling to film.

    it seemed like all the old iconic newsreel footage about whacky inventions that we see over and over again, like the guy trying to skate with rockets tied to his back, or this walk-thru dry cleaner


    was the fabrication of desperate news organizations.

    I dont’ recall this underwater boxing being among them but it has that “air” about it.

  4. teapot says:

    I’m confused… Are you talking of the sweet science of cinematography, or the sweet science of punching people’s heads in?

    Boxing is about as far from a science as any sport can be. It’s pretty much just a room full of morons shouting at another bunch of morons bashing each other. Where’s the science there?

  5. BijouxBoy says:

    Hey TEAPOT. Come here.  

    * long yawn* Nah, I’ve forgotten. Go away.

  6. Summer Seale says:

    Well…they didn’t have any internet, so they had to find something to kill the time with.

    Oh, and you all know that they were shorter back then too, right? =)

  7. Stephen M says:

    First viral video?

  8. Kimmo says:



    Don’t try this at home, kids 8 |

  9. Crashproof says:

    This looks shopped.

  10. Mark van Dyk says:

    It’s like every dream I’ve ever had where I was fighting someone.  I always move like I am underwater in such cases.

  11. jadi says:

    Does not looks like “normal”. staying below the water is not an easy task for people. The body will float. keeping yourself at the bottom of a pool is a challenge. 

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