Bushwick Kitten (BB Flickr Pool)


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  1. EH says:

    Styrofoam playin’ tricks on me, complete with gimpy right eye.

  2. moop2000 says:

    Aahh! I hope you or someone else is taking care of the little guy!

  3. gwailo_joe says:

    e’s doomed, poor little blighter

  4. C is for Cats that I see climbing stairs
    A is for Arnade of Brooklyn who cares
    T is for Tiles on the floor in the city
    S is for Stop, get out of my head, kitty!

    Yay, CATS!

  5. cabalist says:

    If you are not taking that kitten into your home then you are a bad person.  Like Dr. Evil, but for kittens, of course.

    grumble, kitten hater, grumble…

  6. My friends on Boing Boing, Help my wife and I find our Bushwick Kitten.
    OUr little boy Whalon is still missing, many people claimed to have seen him, but we have still not found him. Friendly, 8 month old grey tabby Male, not fixed. Sweet and warm, playful. Well feed.
    Yellow eyes with green around the pupil. Last seen in Maria Hernandez Park, Sept. 2th, 2011.
    Any leads please call Jason – 917-584-5497
    or Marni at 917-692-1938

  7. tylerkaraszewski says:

    Its mom was busy killing the pigeons that you’d gone there to see in the first place.

  8. Mark Pitcavage says:

    That would taste great with some good barbecue sauce.

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