Photo of a man in a car in a subway train


From Reddit. Best guess is that it's a Kenguru car.


      1. The subway train is actually sitting in a cargo ship.

        Also, the driver crammed a small bicycle into the car. And he’s wearing roller skates. It’s a veritable transit turducken.

  1. Based on wheel size, I’d say this is probably an electric wheelchair with a top, rather than a car.

    Which is good: exhaust fumes in a poorly ventilated train might be bad, though I guess so would lots of people breathing, so maybe it wouldn’t be an issue.

  2. Kenguru car is pretty neat. Modifying regular vehicles for wheelchair access can be very expensive and vehicles like that could work for most manual wheelchair users. If the guy in the photo can’t use his legs, I’m okay with him driving around the subway. He can even run over my foot. But if he can walk, and is just driving out of sheer laziness, well, that’s just slothful. And that’s a sin!

    I’ve always hoped small vehicles would become popular. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city full of Peel P50s? Bikes, scooters and motorcycles are great but there should be more tiny cars, man.

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  3. Hard to tell the age of the person from the photo, but i am guessing it is a 3 wheeler that elderly people may be provided. First time i have seen such a vehicle with a roof tho.

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