WikiLeaks fundraiser auction includes "Julian Assange's Prison Coffee, Signed and Fingerprinted."

Wikileaks has a history of colorful fundraising stunts. Assange's latest: an eBay auction of various and sundry memorabilia, including "Julian Assange's Prison Coffee, Signed and Fingerprinted."

Scarce item of memorabilia from Julian Assange's time in prison. Julian Assange spent ten days in prison in Decmber 2010. When he left to go under house arrest in Norfolk he smuggled out this, one of three sachets of coffee. This rare item has been signed on one side: 'Julian A, Prison coffee, smuggled out of Wandsworth Prison by me on Dec 17 2010'. On the other side of the sachet Julian has inked a fingerprint. The sachet is unopened and is being sold to raise money for WikiLeaks.


    1. I think that *is* the sachet of coffee, they have just put real coffee in the background for flair.

      I came to this conclusion when I started to wonder why in the hell a prison would be giving inmates whole coffee beans in burlap(?) sacks.

  1. He smuggled the coffee out of prison?  As opposed to putting it in his pocket and keeping it?

    Dude really does see himself through a certain lens.

  2. Antiquarians will now have to decide whether to label these collectibles assangerie or assangiana.

  3. If I ever ended up in prison, I would hope they provided whole bean coffee.  How many cigarettes would be needed for trade to get a grinder and a french press?  

  4. One of these days, Assange is going to realize that WikiLeaks made headlines because of the leaks, not because of him. 

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