Russian oligarch sucker-punches rival billionaire on talk show


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  1. gwailo_joe says:

    somehow, their bank accounts will manage to kiss and make up. . .

  2. “I neutralised him”. Goddammit, I love you Russia.

  3. peterblue11 says:

    lebedev is the owner of the independent and the evening standard, just to add some context.

    polonsky famously claimed in 2008 that in his eyes “if you dont have a million you can go to hell”.

    this is not to support lebedev at all. whatever polonsky might have said he clearly attacked him first physically…its a zidane kind of situation. 

  4. davidasposted says:

    Putin would have grabbed Lebedev’s arm and made the old man punch himself in the face for good measure. But seriously: perhaps violence is the only action or reaction that the ultra-wealthy fully understand.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Putin would have grabbed Lebedev’s arm and made the old man punch himself in the face for good measure.

      Putin would have ripped off his shirt, then grabbed Lebedev’s arm and made the old man punch himself in the face for good measure.  FTFY

  5. yes, those are very tight jeans indeed. 

  6. Soliloquy says:

    I love how at 0:23 seconds in, Lebedev cocks his head ever so slightly with an “Oh really?” look and then adjusts what appears to be a pinky ring. Also, what nice shoes.

  7. zombiebob says:

    I fail to see the critical situation that sociopath speaks of. Seems like he’s a little sally who can’t take criticism and who can’t take a fair fight.


    Is it just me or is that whole clip a catalog of Bond Villain postures and expressions?  

  9. Brad H. says:

    Once a KGB agent, he now holds allegiance to Lagerfeld and is senior chairman of the Consolidated Hipster Collective of Moscow.

  10. New Russians:  You can’t dress them up and can’t take them out and proving since the end of communism that you can’t buy taste.  


    The guy on our right is interesting.  Stroking his chin and looking away with a faint smile.  Could have a thought balloon saying “I have set them against each other.  The will fight but I will be the winner!”

  12. Kwolfbrooks says:

    “Behind every great fortune is a great crime.” Fitzgerald

  13. CestusNonGratis says:

    Nice inside Lop Da on the part of the Grey Jeans guy.

  14. erin jones says:

    Meh. “Lebedev showed a glimpse of his past as a KGB agent.” Yeah, his past as one of the thousands of mid-rank agents who fiddled with pencils and pared their nails while the big guys beat the falsely accused with a chair leg.

  15. Nothing quite like watching billionaires beat each other up.  Russia, you are all class.

  16. digi_owl says:

    The hunched over look seems to come more from having one foot on the scenery and looking down at the opponent then any special stance.

  17. efergus3 says:

    Nyeh kulturny. Both of them and Putin too.

  18. I’d kinda like to see Warrent Buffet do that to Rupert Murdoch. While bare-chested.

  19. hughstimson says:

    Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Oligarchs!

  20. hughstimson says:

    Also: good grief.

  21. awjt says:

    Nah.  Second punch didn’t connect.  First punch was partially blocked as Polonski tried to get up off his ridiculous titanium chair from 1975, and then inadvertently fell back off the edge of the dais.  He did the smart thing, getting some distance and keeping his eye on Lebedev.

  22. headcode says:

    It just goes to show that all that wealth is probably a result of other equally primitive behavior.  A long time ago I used to think that wealthy people were somehow better:  More enlightened, more educated, higher functioning.  Somewhere in college I finally started understanding that wealthy people were often just sociopaths.

  23. Adam S. says:

    Lebedev apparently punches like Bolshoi ballerina. Two free cheap shots and he didn’t even change the expression or tone of voice of guy he punched.
    Was Lebedev the KGB’s Frank Burns.

  24. bklynchris says:

    The head size did not match the jean size…

  25. hobomike says:

    Hmmn, somewhere in the world there’s a bidding war for the best sharpshooter there is.

  26. tvugly says:


  27. ill lich says:

    Finally a type of class warfare I can support.

  28. parfae says:

    Was “oligarch” on your word of the day calendar?

  29. ackpht says:

    You’d think with all that money that guy would buy clothes that fit.

  30. I like how the third guy dodged falling Polonskiy.

  31. Nothing Much says:

    Gotta love the Russians. I punched first because he made me. Man, that’s so cold war. Too bad Bush and Cheney were just like the guy in gray. 

  32. rollerskater says:

    only on the tenth viewing did i catch that awesome flaming hundred dollar bill in the background. russia, you know good tv.

  33. Makes me nostalgoc for the Nineties. They used to car-bomb each other then.

  34. Lobster says:

    What’s Russian for “FALCON PUNCH?”

  35. NothingButFlowers says:

    What, 43 comments in and no translation yet? 

  36. optuser says:

    No bursts from AK-47′s? Lame.

  37. charmingquark says:

    It’s billionaire smack-down!

  38. Frank Diekman says:

    The set looks more like something from a game show rather than a political talk show. Love the animated flaming 100 dollar bill with terrified George Washington face.

  39. bolamig says:

    Larry Ellison would have been in his element on this show. I’d so love to see him in a real fight, and I will not be surprised if I do.

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