MidPoint Music Festival: live streaming indie bands


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  1. Casey says:

    Thanks so much for the link to the mobile guide! That will be very useful. Any other BBers in Cincy? I can’t wait to get out of work and head downtown for the festival!

  2. Aaron Klayer says:

    Totally! I’m thinkin Mr. Pitiful’s and Arnold’s

    • D says:

      Arnold’s is awesome! Last year there were shows at the Segway Store.  The venues that aren’t normally bars are fun places to drink.

  3. rayceeya says:

    Why hasn’t the music industry killed off “indie” music yet?
    We used to say “alternative?  Alternative to what?”
    Now it’s “indie?  Independent of what?”

    This Portlander for one is tired of whiny Pixies wannabes mucking up the scene.

    Ane for me “hip” and “indie” are red flags for things that will just piss me off

    • juepucta says:

      You are aware that pop doesn’t mean popular anymore, right?

      And that R&B has very little to do with rhythm and blues these days?

      Just trying to help you avoid any future disappointments, pops.


  4. geech says:

    Cool! Kinda funny, I’m just about to put my copy of Ultrasuede’s first release: Afghan Whigs – Big Top Halloween on ebay.  Glad to see Curley is still in the mix, as it were.

  5. Scott Hall says:

    Wooooo!  A picture of John Curley on Boing Boing!

  6. Jim Saul says:

    I live in a completely different state, but a short walk to the shows :-)

    Is that mobile site pretty comprehensive?  There are quite a few bands I can’t imagine missing Midpoint that I don’t see.

    Edit: Mystery solved… their sorting counts “The”, so most of the bands are listed under “T”.


  7. Dave Davis says:

    the most useful view more me has been “soon”! ;)

  8. Anna says:

    I highly recommend checking out Daniel Knox. He’s playing tonight at 7 before The Low Anthem. Definitely one of my all time favorites – really wish I could be there.

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