MidPoint Music Festival: live streaming indie bands

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Curleyyyyy Today is the start of Cincinnati's 10th annual MidPoint Music Festival, a very hip indie festival where hundreds of emerging (and cult fave artists) from all over the country play at intimate venues in the city's historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Just a tiny sampling of the well-curated lineup: Man or Astro-Man?, The Low Anthem, STRFKR, The Sundresses, Booker T. Jones, Fairmount Girls, Xiu Xiu, and about a billion other acts that I've never heard of but are most likely excellent. If you can't make it to the shows in person, the next best thing will be to check out the "Ultrasessions" streaming live performances presented by The All Night Party, a very cool artist-driven music licensing company in the city.

One of the All Night Party founders is my old friend John Curley, whose name you might recognize from 1990s dark soul-rock band Afghan Whigs, the first non-Seattle group signed to Sub Pop records. John is also proprietor of Ultrasuede Studio, a classic recording studio hosting the streaming Ultrasessions concerts for the festival. The Chocolate Horse played earlier. John's new band, Fists of Love, will stream their session today at noon PDT / 3pm EDT. The full schedule -- two bands a day for the next three days -- is posted on The All Night Party Web site, and the concerts will be archived here. And if you do happen to be in Cincinnati, The All Night Party made a mobile guide to the whole festival.

Midpoint Music Festival: Ultrasessions

The All Night Party


  1. Thanks so much for the link to the mobile guide! That will be very useful. Any other BBers in Cincy? I can’t wait to get out of work and head downtown for the festival!

    1. Arnold’s is awesome! Last year there were shows at the Segway Store.  The venues that aren’t normally bars are fun places to drink.

  2. Why hasn’t the music industry killed off “indie” music yet?
    We used to say “alternative?  Alternative to what?”
    Now it’s “indie?  Independent of what?”

    This Portlander for one is tired of whiny Pixies wannabes mucking up the scene.

    Ane for me “hip” and “indie” are red flags for things that will just piss me off

    1. You are aware that pop doesn’t mean popular anymore, right?

      And that R&B has very little to do with rhythm and blues these days?

      Just trying to help you avoid any future disappointments, pops.


  3. Cool! Kinda funny, I’m just about to put my copy of Ultrasuede’s first release: Afghan Whigs – Big Top Halloween on ebay.  Glad to see Curley is still in the mix, as it were.

  4. I live in a completely different state, but a short walk to the shows :-)

    Is that mobile site pretty comprehensive?  There are quite a few bands I can’t imagine missing Midpoint that I don’t see.

    Edit: Mystery solved… their sorting counts “The”, so most of the bands are listed under “T”.


  5. I highly recommend checking out Daniel Knox. He’s playing tonight at 7 before The Low Anthem. Definitely one of my all time favorites – really wish I could be there.

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