Occupy Wall Street: "Mace-in-the-face" officer named in 2004 protest abuse claim

"The Guardian has learned that the officer, named by activists as deputy inspector Anthony Bologna, stands accused of false arrest and civil rights violations in a claim brought by a protester involved in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican national convention."


      1. Given the low chances of any institutional repercussions for him, a song might be better. I’d love it if someone wrote a really catchy song that went up the dance charts. Make the guy take the subway everyday with everyone humming a tune about how he’s a POS.

    1. Whatever he’s done, I assure you it’s not Kosher. This guy is clearly going to have to answer to a higher authority.

  1. The guy named Bologna—Tony Bologna—loves to use the “pepper” spray? Good thing the NYPD doesn’t use “mustard” gas! This guy is no “hero” of mine! In fact word on the street has it that he is a part of a “baker’s dozen” of dirty cops!

  2. I do not like this person.  I hope something really bad happens to him.  Like, Old Testament-type wrath.

  3. I had not actually watched the video until today and I am shocked by the balls of this douche bag.  The two women were standing there behind the baracade, not shoving, jumping up and down, waving weapons, or anything like that.  The only thing they were doing was possibly yelling and the one had her hand over her mouth as if she was shocked over something else she had seen.  The guy walked over to them, nonchalantly sprayed them in the eyes and then walked away.  What a piece of excrement.

    1. There he his right after he choked you?  Right before he choked you?  His arm isn’t touching your neck.  The dudes a grade A asshole for sure, but all this picture shows is him trying to restrain you.

    2. Umm, I can see his hammy hands, he’s not choking anyone in this photo. Though I do wonder where that cop to the left’s hand is. 

    3. Yeah, I’d have to agree, you’re not being choked in that picture.  While there’s no doubt the cops were being assholes, there’s no need to over-exaggerate their brutality.  They behaved poorly enough on their own, and now have worldwide scrutiny directed at them.  The worst thing you can do now is try and bullshit the public with this sort of ‘evidence.’

      1.  Similarly, there is no reason to over-minimize her brutalization.

        You’re speaking to her like Officer friendly is also in the room and deserves his side told, by you.

        Let the man defend himself, because he clearly can. Your piling on, that way, is just bullying.

        1. You’re right.  He’s totally here in the comments responding to allegations that he choked a woman. No need for anyone else to chime in.

    4. The pepper spray to the girls’ faces is legit. You getting choked in that pic is not. I see no hands around your neck. All I see is the fake choking expression on your face. Come on, you are not helping by adding false claims to the mix. The video of the macing speaks for itself and is abhorrent on its own.

      1. You don’t know any of that from that picture. They’re in motion, it is a snapshot of a person being grabbed and shoved around, you can’t say this cop’s arm didn’t pressure her throat. Rheannone said she choked, I don’t have any reason to doubt her. And neither do you.

    5. Don’t listen to the assholes here. It’s obvious to me and anyone who uses common sense. It’s a still snapshot in the midst of a lot of motion. Use your head people.

  4. “The NYPD does not comment on any ongoing disciplinary action. We are bound by regulations to wait until such time as the media outcry has died down before not making any decision” 

  5. Baltimore has a monument downtown (Mt. Vernon) that they light up every year with a little firework display, some choir stuff, and whatnot.  Basically it’s a mini 3 hour festival.  The cops have become infamous for “routing” the crowd, which isn’t big, and using the confusion to grab women’s breasts.  (My girlfriend was assaulted in such a way right in front of me 2 years ago.)

    What can you do?  They’ve got guns and they’ll cover each other’s asses.  We now stay a couple blocks away where the cops can’t do stuff unobserved.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the cops “restraining” Rheannone above were up to something similar.

  6. More entertaining is the NYPD spokesperson still claiming that it was the appropriate use of pepper spray.  That the video was edited and we did not see what these women did to deserve point blank spray and Tony fleeing the scene…  except well there were many cameras and the spokesperson is LYING.
    There is a video of 2 of the camera shots side by side synced up so you can see this poor excuse of a human sneak in, spray and flee.  The women did nothing the spokesman claims.

    How is it that a public official can lie to the public and nothing happens?
    How is it in a town where the cops seem to enjoy sodomizing people with objects this is still allowed to happen?
    How is it that we are supposed to trust the people “protecting” us from terrorists when they are becoming just as bad as the terrorists?
    The spokesman likes to lie about factual things, should you believe ANYTHING he ever says again?  All of these “terror plots” they are warned of and demand people do things to keep safe, he lies about what you can see… do you think he has a problem lying about what we don’t see?

  7. I bet if this officer demanded your name and you responded with something as ridiculous-sounding as “Tony Baloney” you’d get maced in the face just for being a smartass.

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