Muppeteers sing Henson's favorite songs at his memorial service

In this sweet, melancholy, raucous video, several of Jim Henson's Muppeteers perform Henson's favorite songs at his 1990 memorial service.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Highly recommend watching Frank Oz’s tribute from the same memorial.  The evidence of the admiration, joy, and respect between the two friends will melt your heart:

    1. What a wonderful place this world would be, if everyone lived such a life as to deserve a highlight reel.

  2.  When they got to “I’m Going to Go Back There Some Day” and “Just One Person” – I’m not going to lie – I teared up a bit. I love those songs.

  3. frank oz’s tribute eulogy for him is so wonderful and so heartbreaking. i have watched it many times, and i still lose it at the end every time. goddammit, i’m crying again right now… :’ (

  4. Oh my, I was not expecting to cry that much. Big Bird’s tribute killed me again.
    Thanks, that was … touching. And a bit heart breaking. Again.

  5. That black dude is not at all who I would have thought sang that part at 2:00, which of course means he’s highly talented. Love the Kermit tux. also funny how the gonzo guy has a somewhat prep look.

    1. Well now, aren’t I the idiot.  I kept thinking, “Where’s Kermit?” the whole time…I’m a little slow on the uptake this morning. 
      R.I.P. Jim.

  6. If you don’t cry at the Big Bird thing you have no soul. I’ve been very sad about losing Mr Henson so early for a very long time. :( 

  7. Jim Henson is dead?  Sigh.  I guess I knew that.  But how has it been 11 years?  Frank Oz is so awesome, but I’d really rather not see the video.  Get some muppets up there, STAT.

    [Edit] Could not watch that through to the end. Didn’t want to end up sobbing like a little baby.

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