Muppeteers sing Henson's favorite songs at his memorial service


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  1. Iain Marcks says:


  2. David Nunez says:

    Highly recommend watching Frank Oz’s tribute from the same memorial.  The evidence of the admiration, joy, and respect between the two friends will melt your heart:

  3. Tyler Roy-Hart says:

    I didn’t actually cry at all but I really appreciate the link to this.

    Henson forever.

  4. This and the clips from Graham Chapmans funeral makes me wish we could change our customs a bit, so every funeral could have a highlight reel.

  5. Robert White says:

     When they got to “I’m Going to Go Back There Some Day” and “Just One Person” – I’m not going to lie – I teared up a bit. I love those songs.

  6. Randy Murray says:

    I’m still angry at Jim Henson for dying. This is such a beautiful tribute that seeing it here I couldn’t help but watch it all again and let the tears come.

  7. franko says:

    frank oz’s tribute eulogy for him is so wonderful and so heartbreaking. i have watched it many times, and i still lose it at the end every time. goddammit, i’m crying again right now… :’ (

  8. Josie Gibson says:
    Big Bird at Jim Henson’s funeral. I’m sorry if this is already in the video, I just felt the need to add this.

  9. Kate in TO says:

    Oh my, I was not expecting to cry that much. Big Bird’s tribute killed me again.
    Thanks, that was … touching. And a bit heart breaking. Again.

  10. zombiebob says:

    That black dude is not at all who I would have thought sang that part at 2:00, which of course means he’s highly talented. Love the Kermit tux. also funny how the gonzo guy has a somewhat prep look.

  11. Zachary Sarver says:

    The conspicuous absence of Kermit at the end is what got me.

    • wrecksdart says:

      Well now, aren’t I the idiot.  I kept thinking, “Where’s Kermit?” the whole time…I’m a little slow on the uptake this morning. 
      R.I.P. Jim.

  12. Katey Corrigan says:

    If you don’t cry at the Big Bird thing you have no soul. I’ve been very sad about losing Mr Henson so early for a very long time. :( 

  13. ycleptShawn says:

    Jim Henson is dead?  Sigh.  I guess I knew that.  But how has it been 11 years?  Frank Oz is so awesome, but I’d really rather not see the video.  Get some muppets up there, STAT.

    [Edit] Could not watch that through to the end. Didn’t want to end up sobbing like a little baby.

  14. Unanimous Cowherd says:

    Weeping. Can’t see these keys. Damn.

  15. BambooJackson says:

    Tearing up…
    you made my childhood bearable….thank you Mr.Henson…

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