Rick Perry: "Save a pretzel for the gas jets"

[Video Link] He must've been coached. (Via Dangerous Minds)


  1. I’d vote for him if he actually spoke like this.

    It’s much more sane than the things he says in real life.

  2. I was eating some trail mix when I watched this and I nearly choked.  I was disappointed to find out it was not done by Colbert SuperPAC.

      1. Thanks a lot, asshole. I watched it last night and now I still can’t get the “everybody poops” chorus out of my head.

  3. ” I AM BORED BY FAMINE.  I CANNOT WAIT FOR A MEDIEVAL COOKIE . . . ”  Sweet Jesus, I love you people!

  4. I hate myself.   I got aroused watching him walk while saying, “Now, what I wanchatadoo is build me a small doghouse”. 

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