Swaygo Caving Pack


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  1. Huwman says:

    This is cool but why say “caving” when the incredibly fine word “spelunking” exists? Man, I love that word!

    • carl Martin says:

      According to Wikipedia, “spelunking” is a term for inexperienced cavers with improper equipment and unreliable lighting. 

      • Huwman says:

        Hmmm. That’s odd. I’d go with the Merriam Webster dictionary which simply says it means “the hobby or practice of exploring caves”. It’s just a s-o-o-o much cooler sounding word, in any case. To me, a “caver” sounds like someone who is always giving up or actually imploding!

  2. Vnend says:

    Definitely a cool tool.  Probably great for kayaking and canoeing too, if you need to protect a camera or just keep your clothes dry.

    The prices are pretty good too, for that degree of protection.  I need to mention this to the folks at the local (good) camera shop.

  3. Teller says:

    xlnt gear, but after reading “Blind Descent” I have to ask ARE YOU INSANE? STAY OUT OF THOSE PLACES!

  4. Interesting, my wife and I both own those bags.  We’re avid cavers and members of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Cave and Technical rescue team.  We do mostly normal rescues as there are very few actual cave rescues here in SoCal (we did rescue someone from a cave last year though).  Good times.

  5. And yes, cavers don’t consider themselves spelunkers, that word has negative connotations. 

  6. Marky says:

    My eyes/brain must be going bad, I read the headline and first graph as “carving.” Couldn’t figure out why a wood carver would need a pack…

  7. Thomas Davidson says:

    Cavers Rescue Spelunkers. 
    I’ve been caving for over 20 years. I’ve usually relied on my old Lost Creek Caving pack, a generally sturdy and maul-proof caving bag which has lately been showing it’s age. I’m going to have to consider this one for it’s replacement. Nice to hear from BoingBoing cavers!

  8. jason riddell says:

    bag like that is  almost a necessity for heavy haul truckers to keep your stuff dry/clean and NOT mangled riding in a box full of chains/oil cans ETC bouncing down ice covered “roads”

  9. nmustoe says:

    It seems like the bag has possibilities for canyoneers as well. Has anyone tried it?

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