Bookshelf made from books

Tom took a pile of books left over from a jumble sale and made a bookshelf out of them:

So many books are thrown away each year, and although recyclable, the emotional bond that is attached to books seem to make them more appropriate for re-use than recycling. The idea for a shelf made from books seems almost obvious, and the process from concept to completion was more of a refinement of function than of aesthetic intricacies. The shelf gained widespread media attention and was published in several magazines.

(via Bookshelf)


  1. That looks awesome but I could never do it.  All those books would be taunting me because I wouldn’t be able to read them or even browse through them.

  2. It looks cool, it is cool, but man, you’re already hanging, what, 15? 20lb? on that poor wall. And if you added more books on the shelf, it’s another 15-20lb. One would have to make sure to attach it to the studs well.

    The one suggestion I have, is on the ends have a book stick UP to act as  – uh – book ends. Literally. I love puns! I didn’t even mean to do that.

    1. Actually I’d bet it’s a lot more weight than that. That’s about a file box worth of books, so I’d put it at more like 35-40 pounds. If I was going to make one of those, I’d probably hollow them out.

      Edit: I weighed some of my books on a shipping scale, and came out around 1.4 pounds average for ones about that size/volume.

  3. Less weight, less building materials and more room for books on the wall if you have a few hardcover books tipped sideways to form the shelf, maybe with a few smaller books beneath to brace them.

  4. I’m dabbling with a similar concept — a kind of culinary art project — I want to construct a bowl for my famous clam chowder out of some kind of food product. I’ve tried meat and fruit with very little success. I think I’ve run out of ideas…

  5. Cool! Though, the problem with these ‘re-use the junk books’ projects is they confuse those of us who judge people by the books they have around.

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