Montage of awesome cephalopod camouflage clips

Roger Hanlon is a scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. He studies cephalopods—octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. Specifically, he studies the way these animals change their skin color and texture to match with their surroundings.

I've talked about his research before on BoingBoing Video and showed you some truly astounding footage he shot of a bunch of kelp that suddenly turns out to be a disguised octopus.

In this video segment from NPR's Science Friday, you can see more of Hanlon's videos of camouflaged cephalopods. There's also some great up-close footage of chromatophores—the special cells that allow cephalopods to change their color and shape.

Thanks to Andrea James for sending this over!

Video Link


  1. For the extremely time challenged, click and press “2”.

  2. I went on an expedition looking for Mimic Octopus once. We were disappointed that we never found any, but I did notice that we came back with one more scuba diver than we set out with.

  3. Maggie-
    You’ve had this great series of Woods Hole stories – were you just here as a journalism fellow?

  4. Scott Rhodie tweeted this earlier and frankly it has to be one of the most amazing clips I have ever seen. Things really aren’t as we see them at all.

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