Montage of awesome cephalopod camouflage clips


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  1. dayna says:

    Cephalopods, how do they work?

  2. Hugh Johnson says:

    Chromatophores would be one of the best gene-hacks ever. Think about it…
    “Hey baby, check this out!”

  3. jbum says:

    Think I’ve seen this before…

  4. miasm says:

    …they appear to have developed an evolutionary strategy for auto-clone stamping.

  5. pushmonk says:

    Song about the mimic octopus by Steve Burns (the guy from Blue’s Clues) and Steven Drozd (the guy from the Flaming Lips).

  6. mtdna says:

    Suck on it evolutionary biologists!

  7. cymk says:

    Cephalopods, they’re awesomely delicious!

  8. Slightly Askew says:

    For the extremely time challenged, click and press “2″.

  9. CLamb says:

    So when can we use cephalopod technology for a display?

  10. Brainspore says:

    I went on an expedition looking for Mimic Octopus once. We were disappointed that we never found any, but I did notice that we came back with one more scuba diver than we set out with.

  11. Basil R. Lee says:

    Other obligatory XKCD:

  12. Jed Goldstone says:

    You’ve had this great series of Woods Hole stories – were you just here as a journalism fellow?

  13. keithfulkerson says:

    PBS has a show called “Kings of Camouflage” with some great footage of cuttlefish doing their stuff:

  14. NoBSSEO says:

    Scott Rhodie tweeted this earlier and frankly it has to be one of the most amazing clips I have ever seen. Things really aren’t as we see them at all.

  15. noah django says:


  16. Jason Frankish says:

    I love you little Cephalod, come home with me…. wait, where’d you go? ….

  17. Jason Frankish says:

    err, oops, ‘Cephalopod’

  18. Sheryl says:

    One of the many many reasons I love cephalopods. I also need that xkcd mimic octopus comic as a poster.

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