TOM THE DANCING BUG: Definitely-Not-Gay-Man Meets His Arch Nemesis!!

By Ruben Bolling

Published 12:23 pm Wed, Oct 12, 2011

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40 Responses to “TOM THE DANCING BUG: Definitely-Not-Gay-Man Meets His Arch Nemesis!!”

  1. cubby96 says:

    That’s pretty funny.  Might be a bit too ‘on the nose’ but what the hey, this is one of the first TTDB comics I’ve laughed at, so I’ll let it go.

  2. corydodt says:

    Congrats on the SPJ award, Ruben. Proving yet again it’s well-deserved.

  3. “Christ, what an asshole.”

  4. PhosPhorious says:


    Are you saying human beings AREN’T animals?

    Then what the hell are we?

  5. aHarshDM says:

    Looks like somebody hasn’t passed the gom jabar.

  6. fnc says:

    Funny comic, but I consider the whole ‘choice’ thing (while easily dismantled) a pointless distraction.

    We SHOULD be arguing over how wrong it is to limit peoples’ freedom to do things that cause no demonstrable harm to anyone else.

  7. Wait, something doesn’t gel. When gay bars open in cities, they rarely advertise or promote. How did Strate’s secretary know about the club’s opening? She’s obviously a straight fem… wait, is that an adam’s apple i see?

    • erin jones says:

      Honey, you obviously haven’t visited the dozens of American gay bars that are inundated with straight girls every Friday and Saturday night. Seriously, it’s a thing now. So much of a thing that some bars have chosen to post politely-worded signs imploring their straight girl bar buddies to enjoy their visit, but PLEASE, keep the screeching to a minimum. Of course, a minority of str8 women are screechy, but damn, the ones who are (think sorority stereotypes) can really take the fun out of your party.

      Gay bars (not lesbian bars) are now very popular choices for bachelorette parties, particularly in NYC. It seems to be a trend of the last few years. Bi and str8 women friends have told me they’re tired of being hit on constantly when they just want to have drinks and party. Hey, I’m all for it. Mix it up. (cf, John Water’s interview.) But man, those str8 girls love them some gay bars. Believe it.

      Also, as a female queermo, I can confidently say that I’ve seen that secretary at my local bar. What they say is true: We’re everywhere, practicing deviancy, strapping ’em on, renting U-Hauls, assembling Ikea furniture and raising our kids. (Once we’ve outsmarted the hostile gatekeepers and bent the rules enough to adopt children from orphanages.)

      • teapot says:

        I’m a straight guy, but I’ve been to gay bars on multiple occasions. Everyone is high as fuck, there are *NEVER* any fights and everyone just wants to dance instead of out-cooling each other. Actually, now I think about it there was these bi American twins we met at some bar in Shinjuku’s ni-chome who were assholes, but it was probably just their inability to handle their alcohol (Their last name was “Woody”… I LOL’d).

        Once I went to a club in Sydney and the BOUNCER was rolling off his head. He had very little idea of where he was or what he was supposed to be doing. The other bouncer was lucid enough to be taking care of the one who had clearly dumped one too many es. Anyway, this comic is gold – especially how in frame 2 his left hand is, uh, “hidden” and in frame 3 he appears to be smelling said hand.

  8. Marktech says:

    That reminds me, has updated again.

  9. Cowicide says:

    The homophobes are just… SOOOOoooo upset about all this.

  10. Cowicide says:

    … you must be an animal … load of nonsense spouted … deviant and perverted ….

    Dude, I’m not gay… but I bet you’d be such an animal in bed that you could tempt me just for the thrill.   Are you cruising me?

  11. jtegnell says:

    I feel like several of the posts here are in response to a post that has been removed.

  12. jackbird says:

    Um, wasn’t this Dan Savage’s joke from like two months ago?

  13. SamSam says:

    Awww… Antinous, I wanted to see teh troll! Now all I get to see is a lot of reasonable, boring, people responding to said troll and making reasonable arguments.

    • Charlie B says:

      I don’t think it’s Antinous’ fault, but rather due to disqus’s attempt at crowdsourcing moderation.

      I’m not sure if this is still true, but I think at one point I could easily delete any comment from any active disqus discussion on BB by using five separate accounts that discqus recognizes (which I have) from five separate IP addresses (which isn’t particularly difficult for me, since I have unlimited access to more than five class C IP blocks).

      I don’t like the way threads are now shut down after a relatively brief run (the old threads stayed open for years, with often interesting results) but perhaps that’s a semi-workable response to the problem.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        I go through the flagged bin because there are still people who will insist on flagged everything that they disagree with. If it appears to have been flagged due to disagreement, I’ll freshen it up, which I think resets the flags to zero. Maybe. If they’re borderline trollish, gross, etc., I leave them to the will of the mob.

  14. Love the comic. Featured it on our website for gay nerds! 

  15. Charlie B says:

    The very small mob.  I’m glad you’re keeping an eye on it, though.

  16. PhosPhorious says:

    So you DO have gay urges, and choose to ignore them?

  17. DaveMee says:

    Breathing’s a choice too. Rite?

  18. Teller says:

    One choice being made is leaving up your comment to see how many darts it takes. Ever see Wicker Man?

    Merciful mod.

  19. cuddlysatan says:

    So, you choose who you’re attracted to? 
    Your first sentence is an assertion that you don’t back up, it’s just a hypothesis you leave swinging in the wind.

  20. bja009 says:

    Fred Phelps, is that you?

  21. bigomega73 says:

    If animals can’t choose and homosexuality is a choice, then how do you explain homosexual animals? Roy & Silo, the gay penguins have “not chosen” such a sinful lifestyle! To Hell with them!

  22. pKp says:

    OK, I’ll bite…

    *being* of a particular sexual orientation is not a choice. *acting* on said orientation is. Examples include heterosexual persons who choose not to have intercourse with anyone (priests/nuns, at least in theory, or some high-level athletes) AND homosexual persons who choose not to have intercourse with people they’re physically attracted to because of social pressure (Republican senat^H^H^H^H^H^H closeted gay teens).

    Also, “deviant and perverted” ? Perversion and deviance are psychiatric category, not moral ones, and last time I checked homosexuality isn’t in the DSM anymore.

    And I’ll stop feeding the troll now, so don’t bother answering…just wanted to put in an answer, because I’ve heard that weak-ass argument way too often.

  23. kP says:

    tl;dr: Choosing to be gay is irresponsible?      (yes, feeding the troll) Is this why gay soldiers must be relieved of their responsibilities?

  24. PhosPhorious says:


    You say “deviant and perverted” as if these are BAD things.

  25. Vin Reilly says:

    The “choice” homosexuals make that most galls the likes of you is simply that they oppose those who, on the basis of a specious claim to “normality” think themselves better-qualified to rule.  They don’t “know their place” any more than you do, you pseudonymous troll.

  26. Okay, once again, homosexuality is not behavior, it is an orientation.  If homosexuality is a choice then heterosexuality is a choice which means you chose to be heterosexual which means you could choose to be homosexual, right?

    Wrong.  Homosexuals are not just people who have sex with the same gender, they are people who are attracted to the same gender and not attracted to the opposite gender.

    I am straight.  I am attracted to women.  I can’t choose to be attracted to men.  I could choose, I suppose, to have sex with men if there was some compelling reason, but I can’t choose to be ATTRACTED to men.

    And also, by the way, it’s not either “no choice” or “deviant pervert.”  EVEN IF homosexuality is a choice, that doesn’t make it deviated or perverted or wrong.  It makes it a choice and in a free society we allow people to exercise their choices so long as it’s not harming anyone.

    And since, by you, everyone is free to choose to be straight, then no one who chooses to be gay could possibly be harming anyone simply by making that choice.

  27. Emma Jones says:

    Choice implies action. Homosexuality isn’t an action, it’s an attraction that drives an action. That’s libido, honey.

    But still, cute argument from a troll.

  28. PhosPhorious says:

    Is homophobia a choice?  If not, I apologize for my insensitive remarks; you are the way God made you and you can’t help yourself.

    If so, then walk east until your hat floats.

  29. bigomega73 says:

    I don’t think Asdfasdf is all that familiar with anything “swinging in the wind”…

  30. kP says:

    I love your use of ^H (Ctrl-H for backspace on older display terminals)

  31. Emma Jones says:

    Technically, no. Not for humans. We have involuntary breathing. Whales, yes.

    (Sorry, bad habit of pointing out bad analogies in arguments, even if I agree with them.)

  32. Steve Nickell says:

    Bravo, Jason!  Finally a nice, concise and clear missive.  A little lacking in logic at the end for a purely Platonic argument, but the first part was spot on.

  33. davidasposted says:

    Steve, even when you offer a compliment it seems you must also criticize. Your choice, or were you just born that way?

  34. Marktech says:

    >> I love your use of ^H (Ctrl-H for backspace on older display terminals)

    Some old-skool conventions still have their uses.

    Marktech, UK