Trump says Marjorie Taylor Greene "respects" Mike Johnson, but Marge says nope — Johnson is "full of sh*t" (video)

After a long week of bitter infighting among House Republicans — with the rabid Marjorie Taylor Greene nipping at Speaker Mike Johnson's heels — Johnson flew to Mar-a-Lago today to hide behind Donald Trump.

And amusingly, after the speaker and Trump met in private, Trump played the part of peacemaker. Standing at a press conference with Johnson cowering behind him, Trump told reporters that he's friends with both MAGA Mike and Moscow Marge, and that Greene — who has been threatening to oust Johnson for weeks now — most surely had no real gripe with Johnson. A real kumbaya moment.

But Trump, who in reality couldn't care less about either of them, clearly hasn't been paying attention. Just hours earlier, the Georgia Qongresswoman told Steve Bannon that she "hates everybody," that Johnson was "full of shit," and that she was going to "follow through with ACTIONS, instead of lie to people on television and in press conferences, and out on the campaign trail." (Uh, like Trump is doing?) Yep, just another day of MAGA madness. (See both videos below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)