Letters of Note, the book


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  1. xzzy says:

    Were overuse of hypens the smileys of Walt’s day?

  2. Ripcord2 says:

    On publishing a book – wouldn’t it be incredibly difficult to get all the rights from various sources to publish all these letters?

  3. freddiefreelance says:

    Walt convincing Ub Iwerks to leave KC and move to LA is a landmark event; without that letter there would have been no Multi-Plane Animation Camera,  no use of Xerography in cel animation, no Flip the Frog or Little Black Sambo cartoons, no Clarabelle Cow or Horace Horsecollar, and most importantly, no Mickey Mouse!

  4. jeligula says:

    I wish someone would publish H. P. Lovecraft’s correspondence.  That would be a fascinating book to read.

  5. stuck411 says:

    Amazing what stuff has been thrown away over the years. A retiree I met on many occasions over coffee told me about her time working at Buena Vista distributions at one of their hubs in Kansas City. It was standard practice to just take boxes of a certain age and send them out to be burned. When they came across an old closet of forgotten papers she convinced her bosses to let her go through everything before trashing them. It was the 1970s and she found two letters by Walt along with some rare movie memorabilia, photos and gimme items for Pinocchio and the like. The stuff got framed and hung around the offices. One or two pieces made it back to the Disney Studios — Walt’s letters I believe.  

    Hate to think what they did destroy and what is gone for good before she showed up.

  6. nealpolitan says:

    Note one of the closing lines – Walt says essentially, “Say hello to your Mother,” 80 odd years before Marky Mark “coined” it…

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