Russian space caves on the Moon


5 Responses to “Russian space caves on the Moon”

  1. sagodjur says:

    We may yet have The Moon is a Harsh Mistress!

  2. Neil Griffiths says:

    Dr Strangelove 2011 remake;

    ‘We must be increasingly on the alert to prevent them from taking over other moon cave space, in order to breed more prodigiously than we do, thus, knocking us out in superior numbers when we emerge! Mr. President, we must not allow… a moon cave gap!’

    Ring…Ring… Thank you for calling Halliburton, how may I direct your call?

  3. The Moon Society has been discussing this for some time.

  4. aynrandspenismighty says:

    USA!USA!USA!  what, who? What happened?

  5. Roxanne says:

    Anyone taking bets on how long after the first cave is developed before McDonalds bids for a new franchise option?

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