Scrap metal thieves steal entire 50-foot bridge in Pennsylvania


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  1. We had a similar thing happen here in Boston, to one of our most prominent bridges. Although they didn’t take the whole bridge; they snuck off with the cast iron copings when they were removed for restoration.

  2. MJSS says:

    Where’s Sergeant Colon when you need him?

  3. justaddh3o says:

    That crazy Bubbles – at it again

  4. Guest says:

    One thing they have going for them, they have a bridge they can sell ya’

  5. Jim Nelson says:

    The last refuge of a scoundrel is audacity. They have proven that…

  6. Eric Boyd says:

    This reminds me of Bruce Sterling’s Heavy Weather- it’s an infrastructure hit…. 

  7. SedanChair says:

    This is actually Phase I of the plan. Phase II is rebuilding the bridge as a scaffold so they can steal a bigger bridge.

  8. teapot says:

    Is it just me or does the bridge seem to go… nowhere at all?

  9. Bad Juju says:

    Nobody was using it.. So I figured, ‘Hey, Free Bridge.’

  10. Jim Saul says:

    Does David Copperfield have an alibi?

  11. sudoLoki says:

    Best part of the story, they didn’t have a buyer lined up, they just approached a random scrap metal buyer.

  12. Moriarty says:

    This looks like the work of Carmen Sandiego.

  13. Now this is a bridge too far!

  14. Lobster says:

    Maybe I can hire them to break down this bridge in Brooklyn I bought.

  15. Andy Ribaudo says:

    Are they sure the bugs from 7th Sigma didn’t eat it?

  16. pfepher says:

    If they pawn it, would it be considered a bridge-loan?

  17. Yeah… and I have a bridge to sell you (though it is not intact)

  18. DamnitDani says:

    Fuck bridges. Make money.

  19. niktemadur says:

    Bridges already, steel?  Seems like just a few years ago it was copper wiring and tubing.

    Things got so bad in Mexico that kilometers of high voltage cable were being yanked and stolen in rural areas in the dead of the night, yet leaving the wooden poles intact, and to do it that neatly you need special equipment, the kind that only the utility company has, looks like a band of employees “borrowing” mobile units overnight.

    Another face of it is junkies desperate for a fix, while at home one night I heard a loud hiss in the backyard, upon inspecting and to my utter horror and panic, somebody had cut the copper tubing from the stationary gas tank, without bothering to shut off the valve!  The tank had been filled two days before, so that the whole neighborhood stank of gas for hours.  One match, spark or cigarette… another potentially lethal “what if” scenario is that if I had shown my face a minute earlier, I’d have come face to face with the culprit.

    This is the sort of thing that happens when China cuts the ribbon on a new skyscraper or bridge every month or so, the price of construction materials worldwide shoots into the stratosphere, common metals become scarce and profitable in even small amounts.

  20. Bucket says:

    If nobody noticed the bridge being stolen over a period of days, why bother rebuilding it?

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