I'm not sure I have any comment for this, other than to say how pleased I am that puns work just as well in math.

Via Vincent Knight


    1. No, the diagram assumes a pizza of uniform thickness, which is a cylinder. The formula for the volume of a cylinder is V=pi*r*r*h. If you replace r with z and h with a,  you get pi*z*z*a. I’m too lazy to put in the html for pi and superscripts, and they might not work anyway.

  1. This is amusing, but it’s kind of cheating to assign new letters to variables which already have commonly accepted designations, especially considering that one of those new assignments belongs to the other variable involved.  Radius, of course, should be “r,” and depth “z.”  Therefore, Volume= pi·r·r·z.

    This is why I believe we should start calling pizzas prrzs.

  2. to quote Jay from Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back “what are you bitches babbling about?” (obviously I’m NOT a math person!)

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