22 Responses to “Pizza”

  1. Romeo Vitelli says:

    D’ough?  Oh dear, a new meme I fear.

  2. bruckelsprout says:

    We’ll have to get Herman Cain, the Godfather of Pizza, to verify this.

  3. and an old one; there’s a t-shirt for that:

    (got mine for more than a year)

  4. querent says:

    Q: What’s an anagram for Banach-Tarski?

    A: Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski.

  5. Teller says:

    Would’ve added a nice touch to Jeff Spicoli’s delivery.

  6. An oldie but a goodie. I enjoyed this math pun in geometry class in 1995.

  7. derp corollary: if you deem it too complex to make the pizza, you have  (minus a pie). 

  8. Blaine Evans says:

    This is amusing, but it’s kind of cheating to assign new letters to variables which already have commonly accepted designations, especially considering that one of those new assignments belongs to the other variable involved.  Radius, of course, should be “r,” and depth “z.”  Therefore, Volume= pi·r·r·z.

    This is why I believe we should start calling pizzas prrzs.

  9. Ted says:

    to quote Jay from Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back “what are you bitches babbling about?” (obviously I’m NOT a math person!)

  10. Josué says:

    pi.z².a also works, since z and 2 look alike.

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