The Day Gaddafi Died: Photos (warning, graphic content)


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  1. CSBD says:

    My wife just purchased a Browning Hi-power similar to that one (minus the evil dictator bling).
    If she gets a crazy black wig and tries to invade the neighbors that live behind us… im out.

    • Me says:

      It could be a good Halloween costume though….what, too soon?

    • rakatko says:

      any distinguishing features that make this definitely a browning 1911 and not a colt or springfield or (enter gun manufacturer here)? 

      • Scratcheee says:

        I believe that’s a Browning Hi Power, not a 1911.

        A little trick to look for across the board in automatic handguns is that a pivoting trigger, such as this gun has, is a sign that it’s a double action pistol, meaning that you can cock the hammer if you want, or you can just pull the trigger and that will both cock the hammer and fire.  

        In contrast, a solid-looking trigger, which slides to the rear rather than pivoting at the top, indicates a single-action pistol, meaning that the hammer must be cocked before the weapon will fire (though it cocks itself on every subsequent shot, when the automatic action is cycled.)

        If I haven’t described it well, you can google “M-1911″ and look at the trigger, and compare it to this one.    These days, most single-action pistols are variants of the 1911 design, so if you see a sliding trigger you’re pretty safe describing it as a “1911-style pistol.”  If you see a double-action trigger, it’s not a 1911.

        • chf64 says:

          Generally speaking the Browning Hi Power is not double action.  There is a double action version but it has a funky looking hammer that is not made to be cocked back by your thumb.  If you zoom in on the slide it says “made in Belgium” meaning FN manufactured this particular weapon. Also the Hi Power was Browning’s improvement on his design for the 1911.

          • Scratcheee says:

            Great info chf64, thanks.  I’ve often wondered if there were any exceptions to this rule of thumb, and now I know.  Interesting that the exception is such a widely used weapon.

          • escher7 says:

            I couldn’t read the made in Belgium printing, even with enhancement software. Could you read it or did you just know what it said? 

      • CSBD says:

        It is an old browning Hi-Power.  Google some images.  Its like asking what makes a ford taurus different from a Neon.  It is the wrong shape and size to be an M1911 .45.

        It just is a high power, it is not a M1911 of any type.

    • Scratcheee says:

      I hope your wife knows not to casually stick her finger into the trigger guard whenever she picks it up, like this clown.

      Edit: Um, never mind, already been said.

  2. chortick says:

    I can’t mourn the passing of Gaddafi…. but I do wish people would keep their fingers out of the trigger guard when handling guns.  No reason for anyone else in that crowd to die by accident.  The hammer isn’t back, but still.

    • CSBD says:

      “*Chortlik*I do wish people would keep their fingers out of the trigger guard when handling guns.  No reason for anyone else in that crowd to die by accident.  The hammer isn’t back, but still.”

      With all the people indiscriminately  firing machineguns in directions, one 9mm with the hammer down is probably not much of a problem.

      • unaboomer says:

        Dont fret, He has his finger in the end of the barrel.   If I learned anything from my years of cartoon viewing,  that is the best form of safety there is.

        • escher7 says:

          You’re right – the barrel will blow up and Wiley E Coyote will get it! For those wondering about the Browning High Power ID , just Google the name and find a picture in the same profile. You will find the features all match, the location of screws, safety, hammer etc. The guy stating that it is a double action trigger is incorrect, it is a single action according to Browning. He is correct, however, that the 1911 trigger is a one-piece that slides to the rear. The Browning trigger pivots on a screw.

      • Guest says:

        I’m leaning towards the opinion that whomever is holding that pistol also pried it from the cold dead hands of a nasty man. And is probably the same person who shot him. So, i’ll let that guy have his own way of being right in his own gun culture.

        Also, nice pistol! Fashionable to the end.

    • IRMO says:

      One of the things Arab dictators did was prevent the printing of gun safety manuals in Arabic, since every hothead killed by foolish gunplay is one less they have to fear. 

      That’s my theory anyway. 

    • Mister44 says:

      In the Middle East, Africa, etc – gun safety is almost non-existent. How many times have you seen/heard rifles being shot in the air? You can see in the videos of the area how most shots are unaimed. I am sure you have seen a video of a guy getting shot at a wedding by letting a young kid fondle his pistol. I have a friend who trained Iraqis and he said he doesn’t know how he got out of there with out a bullet in him.

  3. Toxa says:

    Way to set an example, when killing Bin Laden without trial…

  4. Nadreck says:

    Well, he died with his boots on – you have to give him that.

    Any speculations on the Final Value of that pistol when it hits eBay?

    • CSBD says:

      A really nice Luger once owned by Howard Hughes went for $15k a few months ago.  (they were almost equal in their levels of batshit… though not in the same general direction)

      • escher7 says:

        This history is a lot more exciting, especially if the gun killed Gadhafi. Big Bucks, not on eBay, but from a collector who is likely already trying to contact the new owner. The Libyans might also grab it for their “freedom museum”.

  5. kartwaffles says:

    Hey, they forgot to photoshop out the serial number! That’s the first rule of posting gun pics on the internet, don’cha know.

  6. Rider says:

    YAY now there will be a new guy to vilify and try to over throw.

    It’s the circle, the circle of liffffffffffe.

    • IRMO says:

      “YAY now there will be a new guy to vilify and try to over throw.”

      Now hold on there. So far none of the Arab revolutions have resulted in a Big Man taking over. Looks like that unfortunate phase of Arab history is finally ending.

      • Rider says:

        seriously that’s the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.

      • davidasposted says:

        I invite you to examine recent events taking place in Egypt, particularly the often violent opposition of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to folks protesting for reform in that country. You will recall that Gaddafi rose to power in Libya after a military coup overthrew the unpopular monarchy of King Idris. I certainly hope that Egypt survives the ambitions of its military leaders. But unfortunately much of the African continent has a poor record in this regard.

      • Mitchell Glaser says:

        Optimism is an amazing thing, particularly when it is so totally unsubstantiated.

        • ocschwar says:

          “Optimism is an amazing thing, particularly when it is so totally unsubstantiated.”

          Mitchell, I am a Jew. And this week Tripoli saw a lynch mob threatening Libya’s one and only present Jew. A mob threatening his life and holding signs that literally say “Libya has no place for Jews.” Libya is a very troubled country, and a racist one to boot, towards Africans as well as Jews. But the Libyans, and most other Arabs, have had their fill of megalomaniacal heads of state. That, I have good reason to believe. 

          • mothernatureseven says:

            All of that shįt ~ mobs, bigotry, murder, anti-semetism, hatred,
            it is all cooked, stirred, blended
            and endorced from the top.
            Maybe the world will get lucky and
            these countries will get real leaders
            who will begin to change the type
            of message the governents of the
            area put out. Maybe~ over time it
            will change for mine and your
            children’s children.

    • Navin_Johnson says:

      The new guy is probably being read the script right now, and will soon learn the glory of neoliberalism, free trade, and client statehood.

  7. tp1024 says:

    … wounds inflicted after his capture.

    Who cares about human rights? I wonder if people would be as appreciative, if some Afghans or Iraqis shot GWB or Jimmy Carter. For them, they are the bad guys. Much worse than Gaddafi. Both had the USA fighting and/or supporting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – causing interminable misery and death.

    I hear some people would not be amused to see GWB or Jimmy Carter put to trial either. Seems like they’d be perfectly justified in simply killing them. That’s what happens when you forget about human rights.

    • Jimmy Carter had us fighting a war in Afghanistan? And Iraq? You sure you’re not thinking of, maybe – Reagan? Because otherwise I wonder what color the sky is on your world, and hope to open a cultural embassy on it so as to discover the ways and mores of your strange alien race.

      • tp1024 says:

        Learn your bloody history.

        Jimmy Carter US President 1977-1981.

        Afghanistan war 1978-1988 – a proxy war between Soviet Union and USA.

        Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988. The USA officially supported Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The USA had been a ally of Persia (Iran) until the Iranian revolution of 1975, deliveries of weapons into Iran continued during the war. This was known as Iran-Contra.

        The USA supported both sides, increasing the bloodshed. The F-14 got most of its kills during the Iran-Iraq war (flown by Iranian pilots, in case you wonder.)

      • bklynchris says:


      • Mitchell Glaser says:

        I can see that you are going to nitpick this and say that Jimmy Carter funding a “secret” campaign in Afghanistan doesn’t amount to the beginning of the U.S. involvement there. Like hell it doesn’t: the mujaheddin, funded by the CIA, went to fight for their Islamic brothers against the Russians, and when they were done they formed Al Qaeda. Maybe it was Reagan who put “boots on the ground”, but Carter sure as shit got the ball rolling.

    • Rindan says:

      Who cares about human rights? I wonder if people would be as appreciative, if some Afghans or Iraqis shot GWB or Jimmy Carter. For them, they are the bad guys. Much worse than Gaddafi. Both had the USA fighting and/or supporting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – causing interminable misery and death.

      Do you think people would be mollified if some Afghans or Iraqi gave GWB a fair trial before shooting him?  Of course not.  Americans (for the most part) don’t think that el presidante has committed a crime when he blows up a few thousand Iraqi or Afghans.  If you think that is a crime, than clearly GWB is guilty, and clearly the proper punishment is death.  Any trial that found otherwise would have no basis in reality.  Americans just dispute if it is a crime, not if a proper method was used to get to the punishment.   

      I am against the death penalty, against whacking American citizens without due process, and against Gitmo.  That said, putting a bullet between Gaddafi’s eyes just isn’t going to do anything to my “OMG INJUSTICE!” reflex.  There is no mystery behind if Gaddafi was a fucking sadistic bastard responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

      Blowing out the brains of a mundane mass murdered is not injustice.  It is injustice when you grab the wrong guy and apply a punishment that doesn’t fit the crime.  We have a justice system that we try and rigidly adhere to (at least in theory) to prevent this.  Punishment dished out by a justice system isn’t more or less just.  It is just more likely to hit the right target and extract the “right” price than mob rule or vigilantism.

      So, the fact that Gaddafi got killed without a trial first doesn’t mean shit unless death was an excessive punishment or he was not guilty of crimes to begin with.  I think it is pretty fucking safe to say that they got the right guy, and that he was in fact a bastard who needed to die.

      A trial is an orderly method of trying to achieving justice.  It isn’t justice itself, nor does the lack of a trial imply a lack of justice.  In this case, killing Gaddafi in cold blood was justice if you believe that ruling as a  dictator  for 40+ years committing massive acts of brutality is a crime.  Clearly, these fellows felt that that was indeed a crime, and with Gaddafi’s guilt not even a little question the lack of a trial is a pretty moot point.

    • “Who cares about human rights?”  umm…

  8. couplewords says:

    I can’t tell if he was in a lot of pain but it does look like someone softened him up a bit. :)

  9. Todd Haversham says:

    Can anyone translate the inscription near the trigger guard?

  10. Is there a way you guys could hide the ‘jump’ from the RSS feeds? The graphic content shows up in Google Reader whether I want it to or not.

  11. Brainspore says:

    If I was a crazed dictator disposed to ripping off ideas from old James Bond supervillains I would opt for Blofeld or Dr. No or Goldfinger. But The Man With the Golden Gun? Second tier at best.

  12. rakatko says:

    any distinguishing features that make this definitely a browning 1911 and not a colt or springfield or ?  mine eyes are not trained in the art. 

  13. MostlyDifferent says:

    Scaramanga unavailable for comment.

  14. bklynchris says:

    oops replied b4 I finished reading your exchange with someone who must have been born before (or at least was a child) the Carter administration.  I was once asking a friend what his student loan load was and he replied with much laughter that he attended college during the Carter administration.  Did you know Amy went to public school in DC….in the 70′S?!!!!!!!!

  15. Mister44 says:

    Man – that is a niiiicceee Browning Hi-power.

  16. Zack Seas says:

    My only complaint is the profound sadness this was not done after Lockerbie.  

    • Tim Drage says:

      I too have complaints about about people being sad about the obviously untrue statement that this was done before Lockerbie.

  17. angusm says:

    So how long until the first “They killed him because he knew too much, man. The CIA/MI5/Mossad/Bavarian Illuminati/Moose Lake Rotarian Club didn’t want him to come to trial, because they were afraid he’d tell the truth about US sponsorship/WTC 7/chemtrails/brown M&Ms. They did the same thing to bin Laden.”?

    It can only be a matter of hours at most.

    • humanresource says:

      Moose Lake Rotarian spotted! WE’RE ONTO YOU, and your tyranny is almost over.

    • GoGo Vicmorrow says:

      I’ll bite.
      But it’s more like he could have given us the real scoop on Osama since Gaddafi had Osama in his sights before errbody else. Once Bin Laden was killed, dna tested, and dumped in the ocean in a matter of hours there was an immediate attempt on Gaddafi and he wasn’t given a real chance to talk again.

      Plus we get to see him dead, but not Osama? What gives? I’m not a through and through conspiracy theorist.. but I do like a little consistency.
      In the end I don’t really care I guess. I think I along with most people would have preferred to see both G-dog and bin Laden on trial.

      • adamnvillani says:

        “Plus we get to see him dead, but not Osama? What gives? I’m not a
        through and through conspiracy theorist.. but I do like a little

        OBL was killed by the U.S. Navy in private. The President of the U.S. decided not to release the pictures. Ghadafy was killed by Libyan rebels in public. It wasn’t up the the U.S. President to release or not release the pictures.

    • mothernatureseven says:

      SAMs club has very heavy tinfoil ~
      ~ good for the really sturdy hats.

  18. SedanChair says:

    So did FN make that Hi-Power, just like they seem to have made every other non-Soviet small arm in Libya?

  19. Muneraven says:

    Yeah, they should have given him a trial.  But sometimes a bad guy is such a violent nut job that maybe it is just better to put him down like a mad dog so he doesn’t get a chance to spew more insane hate speak in public and inflame other crazy people.    Although I am generally a kind and fair person,  I am not sure a person who chooses mass murder as a way of life deserves to be treated like an actual human being.  I’d rather they gave your average fighting pitbull a trial.

    • hardtoport says:

      Yeah, it was pretty obvious that Gaddaffi was not going to be taken alive.  Personally, I’d prefer to have put Hussein, OBL, gaddaffi, and various other tyrants in the World Court and let them explain why they shouldn’t be executed for warcrimes. 

      I won’t be shedding too many tears on this guy’s demise, but, if nothing else, I think there are a lot of future wannabe dictator-tyrants that might pass on the opportunity to overturn popular secular governments.  The number of bad state actors who have been getting their tickets punched of late has been impressive – that nutty guy in NK might be wondering if he’s next.  The next level of action is going to deal with the minor leaguers – inner state mass-murdering criminals and rogue paramilitary operations (ala Lord’s Army) which may well become the conflict scale of the future.   Smaller and more intensely focused, single operational strikes that won’t require a few hundred thousand soldiers to accomplish questionable or impossible objectives.

  20. A trial would have been preferable to this outcome, but good riddance either way, i will certainly not make a fuss, he had it coming.

  21. Bob Fergusson says:

    All gold and engraved and everything, and one crumby looking screw on the wooden grip. Fail.

  22. Brandon Barbee says:

    Also the horizontal extractor (gold rod just behind the chrome plated window opening into the chamber) is a giveaway difference between the Browning and the 1911. The extractor on the 1911 is recessed. Also most 1911s don’t have the ambidextrous safety that this one does (lever at the rear)

  23. RJ says:

    The way he was captured, paraded around like a war trophy, beaten and killed is very reminiscent of how the Roman Empire behaved. That sort of treatment is why Hannibal killed himself rather than be captured by the Romans. Incidentally, Hannibal was also north African, though he wasn’t a sociopathic freak (as far as we know).

    My point is that it’s mildly interesting to see how certain behaviors persist across the ages. We here in the US like to think we aren’t as likely to parade our conquered oppressors around before snuffing them out, but I’m not so sure about that. “Civilization” is a feeble restraint against the animal urges.

    Let’s hope this marks the end of Libya’s history of brutal, militaristic leadership.

    • ppdd says:

      Listening to the History of Rome podcast right now, I was struck by the same thought.   This is, historically, how the real assholes go out.

      Not quite sure how I feel about this one.  One of the few checks on a dictator’s power is his own fear that a violent mob will finally get their hands on him.    I’m not usually one to shout “he deserves what he gets!” but it’s hard not to in this case.  Maybe this group of people deserved the catharsis of parading his dying body around more than he deserved any sort of dignity at the end.  Hard to say, because no one has systematically kidnapped, tortured and killed my family members.  Can’t really say how that feels.

  24. zebbart says:

    I did not feel a shred of empathy for Gaddafi until seeing these pictures. I find it hard to see a defenseless person treated brutally no matter his past. And from a purely “Fuck Gaddafi” point of view I would rather have seen him stripped of all pretense of grandiosity, tried fairly and condemned to a life in prison so as to undermine the edifice of Super Villain an show him for the pathetic sick fuck he always has been, as Milosovic was. Same way I felt about Saddam and Osama – don’t give them an epic exit, I say.

  25. “Justice may not flow from the barrel of a gun, but poetic justice is another matter.”
    -Howard Taylor

  26. bobcorrigan says:

    Buh dee buh dee buh dee, that’s all folks.

  27. petr says:

    The bearded man holding the golden gun – looks just like The Most Interesting Man In The World (at least according to DOS Equis) coincidence?

  28. Sorry. Don’t feel any pity for the mass murdering fuck.

  29. Thorfin says:

    The Iranian Revolution was in * 1979*
    It came about because the Iranians were finally able to overthrow the  Shah (Muhammad Reza Phlavi) who had been placed in power and supported by the US government.  Prior to the CIA-organized takeover by the Shah in 1954, Iran had one of the few secular democracies in the middle east.
    And the US destroyed it.  Then the US backed Iraq in its war with Iran because it resented the 1979 Revolution.  If Saddam had any WMDs, they had Courtesy of the USA and CIA written on them.

    Small wonder that American motives in its relations with the Arab world are viewed with suspicion.

  30. Mike Jackson says:

    Horrible, just horrible. Such fuzzy pictures.

  31. jeligula says:

    Savages.  I don’t care what hatred they have carried over their entire lives, they still should have taken him captive without shredding his face and then executed him.  By denying him his basic human dignity, they have proven what kind of people they are. This is just a guess, but I would bet that the jails will not see any improvement under the new management.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      By denying him his basic human dignity, they have proven what kind of people they are.

      Allies of Obama, Sarkozy and Merkel?

    • zombiebob says:

      Really? He was not a good guy by any stretch. Except to his family. did you think that maybe he ‘disappeared’ a few of the the friends or family of some of the men present? How do you think they would have been treated had the tables been turned? I’ll save my tears and outrage for people more deserving.

  32. Darren MacLennan says:

    Yes, Mitchell, he started it by funding the Mujahadeen, but holding him responsible for the entirety of American involvement in Afghanistan, as TP1024 does – especially since Reagan did _far_ mroe – is just silly.

    Edit: Wow, you’re apparently psychic to boot, although you’re off in your predictions.

    -Darren MacLennan

    • mothernatureseven says:

      Jimmy the peanut funded about all of 50 çents of the 50 billion.

    • Avram Grumer says:

      Darren MacLennan, what tp1024 actually said was “I wonder if people would be as appreciative, if some Afghans or Iraqis shot GWB or Jimmy Carter.” Did you consider the possibility that Reagan’s absence from that sentence was not due to to1024 not blaming the man, but rather due to Reagan having died nearly four years ago, and therefore being an unlikely assassination target today?

  33. benenglish says:

    Hey, they forgot to photoshop out the serial number! That’s the first rule of posting gun pics on the internet, don’cha know.

    No, no, no.

    Paranoid U.S. residents don’t want to allow anyone to know their serial numbers.  This is different.  Allowing the serial number to be verified in public in this way guarantees that when the pistol finally comes up for auction it will have an ironclad provenance.  Cagey, damn cagey.  I salute their wily gaming of the capitalist system, a system that is going to come looking for that pistol.

    Seriously, when run-of-the-mill Colt SAAs go for thousands of dollars (routinely) and good ones go for tens of thousands (often), it’s clear that there’s a whole bunch of gun collectors in this world with lots of money.  Check out the auction results on the Rock Island home page ( ).  I have no doubt this particular Hi Power could appear in the same location or one very like it someday soon.

  34. GoGo Vicmorrow says:

    Ah trucifer.

  35. Jack Myers says:

    A great men’s fashion icon has died. 

  36. Roxanne says:

    It is hard to feel bad that he is dead, but nonetheless, you have to wonder how far humans have really evolved that 1) they felt compelled to kill him in such a way and 2) we feel compelled to not only publish photos but to spread them everywhere like this is the most normal thing on earth. Bizarre.

  37. riorico says:

    The Lion of Africa wasn’t so smart after all. He could have escaped with tons of booty, and his life, anytime in the last few months. His options dwindled as time passed but he still had options. Luxurious exile, plenty of guards and naked women, fancy toys — everything except a death-grip on his nation. I guess death-grips are addictive.

    His death was a little less ignominious than Mussolini, Ceausescu, various other tyrants who got “street justice” rather than courtroom time. Humanity has a tradition of mistreating overthrown leaders. If military committees had gained custody of these luzers, would the resulting show-trials resemble ‘justice’ in any way? Was Saddam’s show-trial just? Osama’s execution?

    Personally, I’d advocate hard-jailing these guys and draining them of all they know. Life imprisonment with endless interrogation. But maybe they’d say things the new bosses wouldn’t like known. Sure, it’s prudent to silence them. Just expect the same treatment during the next overthrow.

  38. Avram: Not really; you still have that next sentence declaring Carter a “bad guy”, “much worse” than Gaddafi.

    And you have George H.W Bush as a potential assassination target if you want to get at another guy who was primarily responsible for a lot of anti-Soviet machinations during that era as well.

  39. Mister says:

    i am curious to see if the new regime change will strip women of all their rights

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