HuffPost Bingo

From FluffPo (the blog of bad Huffington Post behavior), here's the HuffPo bingo board.



  1. They forgot my peeviest pet peeve that ever peeved: title of article coyly phrased as a question. HATE.

    1. They also left out the overuse of superlatives in headlines (e.g., “Is this the worst [X] EVER?” or “PHOTOS: The 24 best [X] ever!”)

  2. There a Boing Boing bingo here, but it’s like 5 years old and lacks our most recent offenses, shortcomings and irritating obsessions:

    There was also a “Boing Boing D&D alignment chart” on Reddit or Encylopedia Dramatica, that I cannot now find. I think I was Chaotic Neutral.

  3. As the creator of said blog and bingo game…I can tell you I will likely not run out of material any time soon. Please read on as you’ll find bits on Text Neck, Busted Penis, surprisingly attractive lesbians, Sex Tape, Slutty Katie, and more…so much more it’s just depressing.

    Here’s where I sing a sad song of a long lost love…or not. 

  4. How about “censorship by the mods of comments that in no way go against HuffPo’s guidelines” or “over-run by right wing trolls especially since the hook up with AOL”?

    1. You do realize that HuffPo is the biggest troll of the site? Almost everything they write these days is trollish. Except the adorable animal videos of course. Those are soooo cute! MORE SLIDESHOWS!

      1. Yep. I gave up on HuffPo long ago for that reason. At least it used to have some interesting regular commentors (sp?) whose insights I really miss.

    2. How about “censorship by the mods of comments that in no way go against HuffPo’s guidelines” or “over-run by right wing trolls especially since the hook up with AOL”?

      I had comments removed from HuffPo that were literally just about the weather or geographical information. I strongly suspect software.

    3. Yeah, used to like HuffPo comments but they turned pro-Troll and you couldn’t get anything in that was not a one sentence affirmation or slur of someone. I pulled the chute on that place a long time ago….

    1. That’s too easy…considering most comment sections on sites are full of smug world views. Generally I’m disappointed that my smugness is too late for the conversation. 

  5. What would you mark if there was a story about how the gays are doomed because Palin and Bachmann are having a cat fight?  And the article is written by Snookie, whose author photo is photoshopped poorly (you can tell by the pixels) into a picture of Boehner crying?

  6. No HuffPo bingo board will ever be complete without a square for “Everything Your Evil ‘Western’ Doctor Told You Is Wrong!!!111!!!” 

    Preferably authored by somebody who is trying to sell you their latest collection of expensive natural remedies.

  7. I’ve only read Huffington once or twice, so this didn’t really ring any bells for me.  But I had to point out that you can’t play bingo with only one board design.  Everyone has to have a different board.  

  8. OK, somebody’s gotta say it:  “Crying Boner photo” is the current Paul Lynde of HuffPo!

    Seriously, it’s because of crap like this that I removed HuffPo from my bookmarks a couple of years ago, I cannot look at another picture of Palin, Bachmann, Cantor, Boner, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al, without tensing up.

    Doesn’t the current pop culture state that bad publicity is better than no publicity, because it keeps the public talking about you?  These people have the huge microphones of the Murdoch Propaganda Channel and Clear Channel, but then HuffPo, and even Olbermann and Maddow, are part of the echo machine which I have realized does NOT keep me informed as much as keep me in daily hysterics.

    So I gave up on these media outlets, and if a deeply offensive face like Bachmann’s is in an article I come across and want to read, there’s always the “Remove Object” Firefox extension.

  9. Also missing square for quantum-mystic newage holistic healing espoused by Chopra or similar type.

  10. Huffington Post still exists?    I removed it from my favorites and have not been there since AOsmelL took it over.

    BoingBoing, Crooks&Liars, DailyKOS, RawStory;  rinse and repeat.

  11. these ones are easy. “john stuart explains…”  “ed schultz is angry over…” “Rachael maddow takes on…” Like i need talking heads telling me how fucked up things are and then other trolls censoring my comments on a quasi corporate website.

  12. Let’s see…
    -Article about science that begins with inane statement of fact/question: “Dinosaur bones are big.  But just how big are they?”
    -Unecessary shiny dohickey costing $50+
    -garish painting of big-eyed homunculi
    -olde tymey crappe
    -langauge cribbed from reddit/4chan: “TSA fail”
    -Doctorow plugs
    -woo-ridden health advice

  13. A freebie square is what happened on Jon Stewart last night.  I don’t think you can go to the front page without that being there.

  14. What, did they forget “Woo-filled Article on Health” and “Something by or about Depack Chopra”?

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