Fresh German police-malware uncovered; everything the police said in defense to date revealed as lies


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  1. Mari Lwyd says:

    Violaters gonna violate.

  2. If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
    Adolf Hitler

  3. In terms of understanding open networks and specifically the Internet, Germany is a developing country, probably even third-world. It’s just too painful to realize how grossly incompetent my government is, and how they keep lying to us, blatantly.

  4. BarBarSeven says:

    Shocked the German police haven’t blamed Polish hackers yet for invading their firewall.

  5. peterblue11 says:

    Many of the CCC members are also Pirate Party Germany members and just now i finished watching the official news night of the “ZDF” (think BBC in the UK) and they still have the audacity to say the Pirate members have not contributed any value whatsoever to german politics. these hypocrites disgust me. 

  6. Anon_Mahna says:

    And people think I’m crazy to not trust politicians/government people the 1 or so meter I can toss them..

    Governments are like a wish granted by a monkey’s paw…

  7. Ipo says:

    Heaven: Where cooks are Italian, mechanics are German, police are English, lovers are French and everything is organized by the Swiss.

    Hell: Where cooks are English, mechanics are French, police are Germans, lovers are Swiss and
    everything is organized by the Italians.

  8. ffabian says:

    Nice, an Article about Germany and in the first 10 comments 4 mention the usual Nazi-German stereotypes. If you’re looking for fascist governments these days you should look to the other side of the ocean (torture, ersosion of civil and humanitarian rights, lots of wars with hundred of thousand innocent dead etc).

    • Niel de Beaudrap says:

      Indeed. Intriguing how so many U.S. political idioms seem frozen in the ’50s (and even that particular one had definitively ceased to be accurate a few years before that).

      I think we should just call it a wash and accept that the majority of first-world countries are doing a worse and worse job of being liberal democracies.

  9. dragonfrog says:

    I just finished reading the CCC’s PDF analysis of the new trojan ( ).  I am hornswoggled.

    The basic and fundamental lack of understanding of any sort of security principles by the incompetent muppets who developed this thing is amazing.  It’s like they invented a time machine in order to recruit programmers from the 1980s.

  10. Daniel Neumann says:

    A little more fuel for conspiracy theories: in 2002 DigiTasks (the “Staatstrojaners” developers) former chief got sentenced to 21 months on probation and 1.5 million euros fine for bribing the german Customs Investigation Bureau (ZKA) into buying DigiTasks technology.

    DigiTask also “won” a german Big Brother Award in 2009 for developing surveillance technology for german Police and secret services.

  11. Gerrit Vogel says:

    going even further:
    Digitask belongs to Deloitte, one of the biggest consulting firms in the world. A member of the Think Tank like “Beirat” is former Minister of Internal Affairs (Innenminister) Dr. hc. Otto Schily. The Think Tank itself is chaired by former Bavarian premier Edmund Stoiber. Schily on the other Hand supported the terrorism-legislation after the 11. Sept. 01 attacks, which is the foundation for the “Bundestrojaner”.
    There you have one heck of a conspiracy theory.

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