Help crowdfund scientific research!


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  1. Guest says:

    Being a UMass alumni, I have to say the campus ducks must have a LOT of sex. There are an abundance. 

  2. Aditya Rao says:

    “Not interested in duck sex? You’re a rarity on the Internet” FTW! :D

  3. Jamie Sue says:

    I just took a tour through some of the projects.  The Smart Delivery project for Tanzania is interesting.

  4. jebyrnes says:

    (Hi!  #SciFund cofounder here!  Excited to see this posted!) I’ll let you in on the secret #SciFund Agenda – better links between scientists and society – particularly for academic scientists!  We’ve got a project blog at where participants are posting about what it means to participate in this project for them and for the future of science.    Hope you guys enjoy – the videos in particular are just a wonderful collection of passionate scientists communicating about their work!

  5. show me says:

    Actually, Maggie, if it runs from Nov 1 to Dec 15 it is a month and a half, not two months, so YOU ARE WRONG. ;)

  6. Ted Stevko says:

    Does this remind anyone else of Bruce Sterling’s Distraction: specifically the concept of science as a popular and/or group supported endeavor?

  7. Kevin Fomalont says:

    Hello all. Please check out my project, “Depression – An Illness of the Whole Body.” I am preparing to collaborate with a researcher in Russia and need funds for equipment. There are also cool photos on my website. Thanks!

    - Kevin Fomalont

  8. And while a $75 donation would be great for our project, you can earn the passcode to follow along as we build and test our duck oviduct models for the price of a coffee and muffin ($5). 

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