Man mounts highly dangerous laser "death ray" to the roof of his car

TheBackyardScientist built out a 200 watt laser and mounted it on the roof of his car. In his YouTube description, he wrote three paragraphs about why this experiment did not endanger any airplanes.

Previously, he built a handheld 40 watt laser blaster:

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DIY Krispy Kreme box face shield

For your next crafternoon: Make yourself a face shield with an empty Krispy Kreme box. YouTuber Andy Clockwise shows you how with this tutorial. First step, eat 12 donuts.

screengrab via Andy Clockwise/YouTube

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Adhesive nose bridge strips for DIY face masks help keep my glasses clear

These adhesive nose bridge strips help keep my glasses from fogging up.

I have two masks that came with nose bridge strips sewn in. Those two are the only masks I was able to use when shopping or anywhere my sight was actually important, as the loose nose bridge area on my other hand-made masks encouraged my glasses to fog up.

Feeling like my vision is closing in as I breathe-in increasingly warmer and damper air evokes memories of nitrogen narcosis while scuba diving. Never the smartest free ride.

I did not know I was looking for these adhesive aluminum strips until they found me. Today, they are pretty much the best cheapo gadgety thing I've seen this pandemic.

Nose Bridge Strip 100PCS,Shed Protector Aluminum Strips(Specs: 0.02X0.2X3.54 inch) for DIY Mask Handmade Crafting Making Nose Bridge Clip via Amazon Read the rest

'Origami LED Wall Art,' DIY electronics project that cost only $15

This looks like a fantastic way to have some fun with electronics while safely staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Read the rest

Analog Tetris — the homemade cardboard version

I saw this video the other day of a man and child playing "analog Tetris" and I wondered where the board came from. A search revealed other versions but not this particular one. It was only today that I realized that it's cardboard and probably homemade. THEN I came across THIS video that explains it ALL.

A father from central China’s Henan province makes toys for his five-year-old daughter using low-cost materials, such as cardboard. He hopes parents can spend more time with their children and encourage them to use screens less.

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DIY robot companion based on Pathfinder from Apex Legends

John Park used a 3D printer, some Sugru moldable glue, and a variety of Adafruit electronics components to build this nifty robot companion based on Pathfinder from the game Apex Legends. I also entered Sugru's drawing for a free 3D printer. Read the rest

Sword-maker crafts The WREKTANGLE, a giant sword of magnificent glory

This thing looks so clunky and brutal and fantastic. Read the rest

These 60-second 3D modeling tutorials are entertaining and educational

Ian Hubert is the host of the "Lazy Tutorials - For Lazy People, By Lazy People" YouTube channel, which has 60-second videos of Hubert using Blender to create 3D models and textures of various things like air conditioners and bulletin boards. He makes it look easy (I know it's not), and he's also funny.

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'My uncle from Romania just built this out of recycled old parts from everyday objects'

These amazing creations are the work of Mihai Armeanu Rosin, a retired chef turned mad tinkerer in Romania whose nephew posted about them on IMGUR. Read the rest

Bass To The Future: DIY time machine bass guitar

Flux Capacitor fluxing! Read the rest

This 'Addams Family' mansion model is monstrously magnificent

It's creepy and it's kooky. Also kind of spooky. Read the rest

Watch this ridiculous and wonderful low-budget remake of Alien, by the Cardboard Movie Co.

It's been five years since the recycling auteurs at Cardboard Movie Co. released "Jurassic Park: Low-budget Remake." Now they are back with the xenomorphtastic "Alien: Low-budget Remake."

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Giant 3D topographical wood map of Westeros ('Game of Thrones') made by a cartographer

Wow. This is a thing of great beauty. A giant 3D topographic wood map of Westeros, the world of Game of Thrones, by IMGURian @ARUNK55. It's 60"x35". Read the rest

Watch: How to build your own Nintendo Switch

Seattle maker Brennen Johnston wanted his friends to play Animal Crossing with him but they couldn't get their hands on a Nintendo Switch, a scarce commodity amid COVID-19 lockdowns. Enraged by the prices scalpers were charging for a Switch, Brennen set out to build one himself from individual components. The Internet fell in love with the build notes he posted to Imgur and now he's released the above video documenting the project! Brennen writes:

The support I received from my original Imgur post has been overwhelming. I never imagined so many people were interested in my project or had thought of doing something similar. I with I was able to answer everyone's questions but I just couldn't keep up with all the requests.

Most of the private messages asked me to do a version for the Joy-cons so I went ahead and made you that you can find here:

"How To Build A Nintendo Switch From Scratch - Building With Brennen" (YouTube)

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Mad genius builds robotic arm to control synth with Nintendo Power Glove

You know how in movies where there's a mad genius tech-wizard/hacker (often a precocious teen) who can make the most fantastical creations with seemingly no effort? It's such a great fantasy with little analogue in the real world. Sam Battle, he of Look Mum No Computer strikes me as a character from one of those films, except he is very real. Read the rest

How to build a Viking camp chair

My friend Nik Shulz (aka L-Dopa) creates beautiful designs and illustrations. I hired him when I was an editor at Wired and at Make. In recent years Nik has branched out into furniture making, and his work is just as beautiful as his illustrations. Read the rest

Dollhouse doors as electrical outlet covers

Delightfully weird and lovingly crafted. I love this. Read the rest

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