Lion enjoys riding in a sidecar racing around a velodrome


Of course the only way to race in a velodrome is with a lion in your sidecar. And here's a video. (Via Arbroath)


  1. Quick nitpick: that’s not a velodrome, which would be a track for cycling. I believe the picture instead depicts a “wall of death.”

    1. GertaLives is correct, that is a Wall of Death, while velodrome’s had wider turning radii and more gentle banks (which, oddly enough, led to more horrific crashes in motorcycle racing).  As for the lion, heck, why wouldn’t he enjoy it.  In his lion mind, he’s probably thinking “yeah, that’s right antelope, you can’t outrun me because I can go 40 mph ON THE SIDE OF A WALL.  Also, huge teeth and claws.”

    1. Eh, my dog would enjoy it. Not saying that the lion automatically is, but I think there needs to be at least some indication that it is in distress.

      Now, that the lion’s treatment in general was probably cruel is historically documented. That this particular activity was disturbing to it? No idea, but it is entirely possible that it did enjoy it.

    2. The lion actually put them up to this.  After the spectacular wreck (which the lion avoids by leaping gracefully to safety), he eats the nicely-tenderized roasted meat.

  2. That era had Bing Crosby, pole sitting and lion sidecar antics to be entertained by.

    We have Bieber, planking and the cats of youtube.

  3. Is this further proof that the internet is composed of cat videos?

    -abs is willing to entertain debate over whether “cat” in the famous view of what the internet is composed of should apply to big cats or not, but if it does he’s sure this is further proof

  4. Now, if they had the LION driving, and the man laying on the sidecar – Then you’d really have something, by cracky.

  5. we do something like this with our cat.

    except we use a laundry basket, and i carry it, walking, from the laundry room to our bedroom – full of laundry, with the cat on top. but, as far as Tricksey’s concerned, it’s just as much fun as what the lion’s doing.

  6. I can’t believe I just spent, like, 12 minutes wondering “If the lion pukes, can it hit the driver in the face?” with respect to the effects of centrifugal/centripedal force.

  7. Like the picture? Try the novel: Pride by William Wharton. Long time since I read it but I think it was great.

  8. im pretty sure thats Clyde Beatty, which would make the Lion  Leo I  This is prob from the 30’s when his circus was still doing Outdoor stunts.  He was making  Serials and shorts with leo, and his tigers and hyenas in his Cage of Death  and lost city series…

  9. In the Life magazine archives there are photos of Ethel Purtle and King – The Auto Riding Lion driving around the Wall of Death in modified car. They’re dated 1949, so this isn’t just a 30s thing.

  10. At the end the lion is like, “get me the f*ck outta here, these petty humons are crazy”, and scampers out the nearest exit.

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