Snake in ATM machine

[Video Link] "A resident in Llodio, Alava, got a shock when a snake came slithering out of the slot of a cash machine when he withdrew his money. Police report that this occurred at a Caja Madrid bank when the client went to get some money before going to work. The middle-aged man grabbed his money despite the snake attempting to attack him."

Apparently it is important to keep taunting the snake with a stick. Snake in ATM machine


    1. ATM machine, machine, machine, machine, machine, machine, machine, machine, machine, machine, mah-sheeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn     /Kraftwerk

    1. I think your confused, I thought this was a BOA ATM and their new give us a pound of flesh promotion.

  1. Was the cop giving the snake a concussion test?  “Follow my stick.”  Its weird, but a 45 second video?  Just pull the snake out of the ATM and lets get on with our day.

    1. So it looks like a top exec has been demoted to a teller…………

      Please, keep your anti-reptile comparisons to yourself.

  2. The cop is using the baton to keep the snake interested, so it doesn’t get bored and slither back inside the machine.  He’s probably waiting for the animal-control people to show up, and he’d like the snake to still be outside the machine when they arrive.

    “Just pull the snake out of the ATM”?  That’s how you turn a simple animal-control call into a medical evac.  

    I worked security for several years at an outdoor festival in snake territory, and every single snakebite case we had was the result of some idiot thinking he could just grab the snake, the way he (always a ‘he’!) had seen it done on the teevee.

  3. What’s the problem? This was just a promotion by the bank to give out free snakes to randomly selected customers. Jeez, people will complain about anything!

    1. …This was just a promotion by the band…

      As a name, Snakes In An ATM works at least as well as Panic At The Disco or Vampire Weekend.

  4. Must’ve hit the “Snake” button in-between “Withdraw from Checking” and “Account Balance.”  Happens to me all the time.

  5. I’ve seen snakes in a video at an ATM before… but they’re usually just out of camera shot and waiting for the victim to withdraw money.

  6. The poor snake is caught in the closing mechanism.  See how it’s body is squished?  Not saying this isn’t funny, but I do feel sorry for the snake. 

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