Astounding 3D effects projected onto a building's facade

This LG mobile phone ad "event" projected a startling and well-conceived montage of 3D effects onto a building's facade in Berlin. It's all very spectacular and beautiful -- pretty amazing for an ad (though I can imagine that if a whole city were taken over by this sort of advertising every night, it would be rather tedious). Meanwhile, I seriously covet that projector, which is blasting out enough lumens that I wonder if it incinerates small insects that stray into the path of the beam. I could get into serious mischief with one of those.

LG Optimus Hyper Facade in Berlin - Long Version (Thanks, Dad!)


  1. Very cool. These presentations never cease to delight me (even when they turn out to be ads). Have to say that the lights that were left on inside the building ruined some of the scenes.

  2. May I be the first from the BB community to congratulate the geniuses behind this. Absolutely amazing. Even appearing to  shine lights BACK at the audience…. Hopefully the BB comment trolls are all still  asleep….

    1. Bravo … first troll status goes to Aen Tan. No one cares that its a phone ad. It was cleverly executed.

  3. They do similar projections on Small World for one of the nightly shows at Disneyland. The strange geometry of the facade makes for some really amazing effects, and they use it well.

  4. Was this done by The Macula?
    Their ‘600 years’ piece, projected onto the Astronomical clock tower in Prague was astounding…

    1. you beat me to it, that was my suggestion, I think the Orloj (Prague Clock) was more interesting as it was full of historical references.  This was well done though.

  5. Holy crap.  That certainly raises the bar on mapped projections.

    I wonder how many projectors were necessary to do that, and how angle drops off the impact as you get to the sides.  I guess I’m saying I really want to see one of these live!

  6. Incredible! I wonder what it was like to see it in person.

    As a long-time fan of the demoscene, I have to say I was tickled to see rotating cubes. :)

  7. Awesome to see this, though it makes me a little sad thinking of all the permits, licenses, and other regulatory crap you’d have to go through to show it here.

  8. Cory, didn’t you know they’ve been doing this on the castle at WDW Magic Kingdom since early 2010?

    …Not that this isn’t cool. You have to be at one of these projection shows to get the full effect, which is awesome.

  9. Mosakia, the show projected onto Canada’s Parliament building in Ottawa is pretty impressive too.

  10. While the technology and quantity of lumens are certainly impressive, the actual ‘event’ is much less so, IMHO. What I learned: Corporations are not people, they’re robots with fake, cartoonish hearts. And “Let’s turn off yesterday, optimize your life” has got to be one of the most inane mottos I’ve ever seen.

  11. I would end up being the guy that turns on a light inside while the show is going on.  Pretty cool.

  12. Really nicely done, but yeah: they will have spent many thousands on this. Why the flying heck would they keep the lights on inside? I’m sure that was one of the design requirements (“the store must be able to remain open”), but why only screen with material thin enough for the light to shine through?

  13. Its prolly two or three projectors stacked and calibrated. You might find a mischievous use but you are going to need a bigger boat.

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