Watch 193 pride flags stop a bullet

Fondation Émergence created a great PSA they call the Pride Shield, where 193 pride flags (one for each country) show that together we can end the worldwide epidemic of violence against sex and gender minorities. Read the rest

Fiverr's new recruiting ad promises to literally work you to death

It's not a parody, apparently: "You eat a coffee for lunch. You follow through on your follow through. Sleep deprivation is your drug of choice. You might be a doer. In doers we trust." As Nick Mamatas says, "Back in the 1990s, this ad would be the result of billboard liberation." Read the rest

Is this the most effective political ad of 2016?

US Senate candidate Jason Kander was consistently trailing incumbent Roy Blunt in the Missouri race until this month. Many attribute the shift to a simple and memorable ad in response to criticism of Kander's position on gun background checks. Read the rest

Paul Bunyan pinball table ad

I don't think I ever saw a Paul Bunyan pinball table in the wild, but it's a beaut.

June 28~Paul Bunyan Day Read the rest

Mid-century modern kitchen

Now that's a kitchen!

1950 Armstrong Mid Century Modern Kitchen Read the rest

Red scare ad for Canadair

I'm a bit baffled by the context for this Canadair red-scare ad -- maybe Korean War?

Do We Actually Know WHERE to Face Communism? Read the rest

Rare three-axle 1959 Lincoln

Phil Are Go has performed the vital service of close-cropping the finned beast from this 1959 Lincoln ad, for your clip-art pleasure, but not before adding a much-needed third axle. A vanilla two-axle model is also available.

1959 Lincoln - Fab one and a half.

Read the rest

Sugar ad: your diet is depriving your kids of vital sugar!

Here's an undated ad from "Sugar Information, Inc" (our old friends), warning mothers that if they include their kids in their sugar-free, dieting lifestyles, they will be depriving the poor kiddlees of vital sugar and exposing them to "exhaustion." Obviously, this was before the cancer scares and other stuff about artificial sweeteners, because surely that's the major reason to keep your kids away from artificial sweeteners. I love the fact that they recommend sugar for dieters, too: "gives you the va-va-voom you need for all those exercises!"

Sugar! Read the rest

Anatomical art-school ads

DDB Brazil's poster campaign for the art school at the Museu de Arte de São Paulo displays famous painters who appear to have been dissected, revealing organs depicted in their iconic painting styles. Street Anatomy has the whole set. Shown here: Dali (above) and Van Gogh (right). It's a pity no one's making those t-shirts, they're fab, especially the Van Gogh.

Art School Dissected

Read the rest

Gun ad: you can keep this one cocked under your pillow

Though slightly less extreme than the ad that suggested letting your kids play with your guns in bed, this 1913 Colt ad that advertisement makes hay out of the fact that they make the kind of piece you can "safely" keep under your pillow while sleeping is a bit on the weirdo/paranoid side.

Colt (1913) Read the rest

Mary Blair AT&T/Tomorrowland ad

On the Vintage Ads LJ group, a widescreen, two-page Mary Blair ad for AT&T and Disneyland's Tomorrowland. It's everything I love about Blair's illustration in an x-wide package. There's a 1600px+ wide version that deserves your scrutiny.

Tuesday Two-Pagers: AT&T/Disney/Mary Blair Read the rest

Using deadly snakes to sell batteries

This 1949 Winchester Batteries ad was posted to the Vintage Ads LiveJournal group by noluck_boston, depicting a mother-daughter pair whose wise choice of reliable Winchester Batteries have rescued them from the terrible fate of being bitten by a deadly snake in the dark. Now they can be bitten by it in the blinding light of their flashlight. There's also a generous, 1829x1610 scan on Flickr.

Winchester Batteries Read the rest

1930s monkey ad for Ethyl,

Long before there was a "tiger in your tank," Ethyl wanted to assure you that this delightful simian would speed your jalopy along.

Knock! Knock! Who's there? Read the rest

AT&T ad boasting about armored payphones, 1971

On the Vintage Ads LJ group, Uptown Girl has assembled a collection of AT&T ads spanning 80 years, including this wonderful, boasting 2-page spread from 1971 that's all about how bad-ass the new payphone designs are.

AT&T brings you fairy magic and the future (1913-1993)

Read the rest

Hordes of expressive little folks doing stuff in postwar booze ads

A delightful post on Phil Are Go! looks at the postwar Calvert Reserve ads, boozy portraits of suburban life populated by a surprising number of expressive little people doing surprising things.

Calvert wanted to be the official drink of the relaxed, fun-loving suburbs, so they commissioned this illustration of idealized suburban Americana as their image of recommended sophistication. Who'd they commission? I can't tell. Somebody whose initials seem to be "CB". The Research and Googling team came up empty-browsered after a rigorous three-page search for the identity of this artist. Reader assistance is appreciated.

Even though the figures in the illustration are really small, there's a lot of personality and expressiveness to be found. You just have to skillfully arrange the character's silhouette. The first thing I notice is the sense of urgency in all the little people who need to get to the party. How did the artist do that? Well, Wwhen people are hurrying comically, they bend at the waist in a kind of rushed hunch. It makes it obvious that they really need to get where they're going. This Calvert-fueled party is THE place to be!

Calvert Reserve - Country for old men Read the rest

Pyrotechnical hot-dog serving suggestion

I can honestly say that it has never occurred to me to make replica fireworks out of hot-dogs.

Creepy kid aside, those are some AMAZING ways to serve your wieners.

(Image: 1941 ... playing with his food!, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from x-ray_delta_one's photostream) Read the rest

Lumpy kids on a 1913 sportswear catalog

This 1913 athleticwear catalog cover illo sure makes their customers look like a bunch of swell kids -- like Hal Roach/Our Gang stars who've got the mumps.

Cue the creepy kids!

(Image: 1913 ... Lumpy and Lousey, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from x-ray_delta_one's photostream) Read the rest

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