Music video set beneath the Antarctic sea ice


5 Responses to “Music video set beneath the Antarctic sea ice”

  1. Totally says:

    Ummm… wrong link, guys.

  2. silly bobs says:

    dude’s got my dream job!

  3. Diamond Jim says:

    Kaiser did the music and some of the underwater photography for Werner Herzog’s sublime Encounters at the End of the World, so I can hardly wait to get to where I can view this.

  4. gerardwhelan says:

    in the first few edits, the timing is wrong…
    see 16 and 24 seconds
    either do a fast dissolve, or move the hard cut back… I’m not sure if this is a ‘rule’ as such, but if you watch it a couple times you’ll see the edits are off by a bit.  I learned this the hard way, trying to match video to a seemingly well chosen audio track, but the audio demands either a real visual change, or none at all – in this case, it’s off by just a bit… the fast dissolve would buy the time needed for the eye to deal with the demands of the hard piano plink

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