Bechdel's Fun Home to be a musical

"Fun Home," Alison Bechdel's brilliant graphic novel memoir (review here) is being adapted for musical theater:

“My father and I grew up in the same small Pennsylvania town and he was gay and I was gay and he killed himself and I became a lesbian cartoonist,” Bechdel's character says in Fun Home.

Kron is a founding member of the theater company Five Lesbian Brothers and an Obie Award winning playwright for her autobiographical play 2.5 Minute Ride.

Tony nominated composer Tesori won the 1999 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Music in a play with her compositions for Twelfth Night at Lincoln Center and she also picked up the Obie Award for the score for 1997’s off-Broadway show Violet as well as composing 11 new songs for a production of Thouroughly Modern Millie that transferred to Broadway in 2002.

Alison Bechdel's Graphic Novel 'Fun Home' to Become a Stage Musical (via The Mary Sue)


  1. Huh, I don’t remember this line about “I became a lesbian cartoonist” from the comic. I don’t remember Bechdel bringing up her cartooning career at all in the story. Paging through, I can’t find it. Possibly Bechdel says it in some other context, but I don’t think her character does in the book?

    EDIT: I suppose this must be a line from the play? Got confused because I thought “being adapted” meant “not yet scripted or performed.”

  2. Wow. Lotsa press about people from beech creek this year.

    I think this will be fun. We live about a half hour away from the house and are acquainted with her mother and one of her brothers. True stuff. One of my fave books.

  3. I’m generally leery of “Musical Adaptations” *but* heartily recommend her graphic novel (or whatever the hell one calls “serious” cartoon works).  It is a truly excellent piece of work. 

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