Bechdel's Fun Home to be a musical


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  1. EH says:

    Also the inventor of the Bechdel Test!

  2. bklynchris says:

    Here! Here!  I mean, I will be There! There!

  3. Blunderbutt says:

    Huh, I don’t remember this line about “I became a lesbian cartoonist” from the comic. I don’t remember Bechdel bringing up her cartooning career at all in the story. Paging through, I can’t find it. Possibly Bechdel says it in some other context, but I don’t think her character does in the book?

    EDIT: I suppose this must be a line from the play? Got confused because I thought “being adapted” meant “not yet scripted or performed.”

  4. jaakha says:

    Wow. Lotsa press about people from beech creek this year.

    I think this will be fun. We live about a half hour away from the house and are acquainted with her mother and one of her brothers. True stuff. One of my fave books.

  5. artimusClyde says:

    I loved reading this graphic novel. I’ll have to check out where they take it.

  6. KludgeGrrl says:

    I’m generally leery of “Musical Adaptations” *but* heartily recommend her graphic novel (or whatever the hell one calls “serious” cartoon works).  It is a truly excellent piece of work. 

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