Next up: The search for alien light pollution


7 Responses to “Next up: The search for alien light pollution”

  1. Paul Renault says:

    “Future telescopes may be able to hunt for likely extinct  alien civilizations by looking for artificial lighting. “

  2. machinestate says:

    wow… and unless earth starts emitting something faster than light, we’ll be likely long gone before anyone else finds any currently-existing trace of our civilization

  3. proginoskes says:

    Kuiper Belt : distant star systems… that’s like five orders of magnitude. You’re gonna need a BIG mirror!

  4. Getefix says:

    Bug zapper.

  5. bcsizemo says:

    Hell with that amount of light pollution it is no wonder we have to place our telescopes in space.

    The obvious next step is to start working on subspace communications.

  6. howaboutthisdangit says:

    So how long until we can eavesdrop on their WiFi?

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